Audio from New Rochelle Police Press Conference on Arrest of Jose Martinez Friday March 24, 2011

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Audio from New Rochelle Police Press Conference on Arrest of Jose Martinez Friday March 24, 2011

March 28, 2011 - 17:38

JosephSchallerBob Marrone of WVOX has provided Talk of the Sound with audio recording of the New Rochelle Police Press Conference on Arrest of Jose Martinez Friday March 24, 2011

New Rochelle Police Department Press Conference (UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT)
March 25, 2011
Arrest of Jose Martinez, 38, former Dean at Isaac E. Young Middle School and recently promoted Assistant Principal at Jefferson Elementary School, both in New Rochelle, NY.

Deputy Commissioner Anthony Murphy: Wednesday March 23 we received a formal complaint that a New Rochelle school district administrator was having a relationship with a 14 year-old. The matter was investigated and last evening detectives arrested Jose Martinez, age 38, of 205 Elliot Street, Brentwood, NY

Mr. Martinez, a former administrative dean at Isaac E. Young Middle School, is alleged to have engaged in an ongoing course of manual and oral sex with a student over a period of time extending from March or April 2010 through June 2010. The conduct is alleged to have occurred in Mr. Martinez’ office at at Isaac E. Young School.

Mr. Martinez is in custody and he will be arraigned this morning. Any specific questions you have related to this case Captain Joseph Schaller will answer.

Unidentified Reporter: Captain, is the victim male or female?

Captain Joseph Schaller: Male.

Unidentified Reporter: Mr. Martinez abruptly resigned, I believe earlier this month...did that figure into this investigation at all?

Schaller: Well, we believe the mother of the student might have had some conversations with Mr. Martinez prior to his resignation.

Unidentified Reporter: So, he knew something was coming?

Schaller: We don't know that he necessarily knew something was coming but he may have

Unidentified Reporter: That Brentwood address that's new right? Because that's…he must have had a more local address for the last 8 years.

Schaller: I wouldn't know that…he works for the school district. I don't know what his prior residences were.

Unidentified Reporter: Who was the mother who came to the police, charges?

Schaller: The mother came to the police department earlier in March and she alerted us or advised us that she thought there was something wrong between her…had gone on between her son and Mr. Martinez but she didn't know the nature of what had gone on. It wasn't until March 23rd that the parents of the student came in with the student and made a complaint.

Lou Young/WCBS-TV:This is about the time that he resigned?

Schaller: No. He resigned earlier in the month. I believe, March 11th or March 13th.

Bob Marrone/WVOX: Is there any evidence that there were complaints about him to the school district or elsewhere before this?

Schaller: We have no other reports of any incidents of this nature involving Mr. Martinez or any other employee of the school district.

Unidentified Reporter: Any idea if Martinez is married? Has kids?

Schaller: Excuse me?

Unidentified Reporter: Is Martinez married? Does he have children? [crosstalk]

Schaller: I don't know.

Lou Young/WCBS-TV: Was there any resistance or problem finding him?

Schaller: They located him…our detectives went out to Brentwood, Long Island, Brentwood, Long Island last night and located him there. There was no resistance.

Lou Young/WCBS-TV: Assistance of Suffolk County Police?

Schaller: No, they had gone out looking for him at a couple of other…his residence was in Brentwood but he had other relatives we believe in Brooklyn and they went out and checked a couple of locations and ultimately located at his residence in Brentwood

Lou Young/WCBS-TV: Did he seem surprised to see them?

Schaller: Lt. Hearle?

Lt. Christopher Hearle: He was more shocked and surprised

Unidentified Reporter: Does he live alone, Lieutenant?

Hearle: We're unsure of his residence right now

Unidentified Reporter: What was his reaction when you knocked on the door?

Hearle: He wasn't at the residence, he responded to the residence when we were there. In regarding to his residence we aren't too sure where he lived. There is some indication that he was being slightly evasive of being located.

Lou Young/WCBS-TV: What was his reaction to the charges?

Hearle: Like I said, he was a little shocked…initially.

Unidentified Reporter: Did he deny it?

Hearle: I'm not going to get into that right now

Unidentified Reporter: Can you talk about the charges…the charges he's going to face?

Schaller: He's charged with Criminal Sexual Act in the 2nd Degree - D Felony.

Unidentified Reporter: The age of the child?

Schaller: 14 at the time.

Unidentified Reporter: 14 at the time, so he's 15 now?

Schaller: Correct.

Unidentified Reporter: I understand that he had been transferred from Isaac Young to an Elementary School…is that the case?

Schaller: That I don't know

City Manager Charles Strome: He was an Assistant Principal at Trinity.

Schaller: I thought you were talking about the student

Unidentified Reporter: Was that a promotion or demotion?

Unidentified Reporter: I would just say that the school district here is a separate entity from the City so the people here don't know anything about that. We do have a statement from the school district that we'll hand out for you after the press conference.

Unidentified Reporter: Did the transfer have anything to do with these allegations?

Strome: I would not know the answer to that question, you have to ask the school district that.

Unidentified Reporter: Did these incidents happen during school hours, after school?

Schaller: After school hours.

Unidentified Reporter: Did the kid willingly come in, was he forced in?

Schaller: No. He came in with his parents?

Unidentified Reporter: No, I mean during the alleged sexual acts did he voluntarily show up [crosstalk]?

Schaller: He's charged…the specifics of the charges, he's charged with, there was no, the, school district employee Mr. Martinez seems to have taken advantage of position there as a school official. There is no force involved if that's the question.

Unidentified Reporter: Where will the arraignment take place? In this building?

Schaller: Yeah, New Rochelle City Court.

Unidentified Reporter: Do you have a time?

Schaller: I don't know yet. Sometime this afternoon.

Unidentified Reporter: Earlier you said "this morning" not sure if this is morning?

Schaller: Excuse me?

Unidentified Reporter: It's not going to happen

Schaller: We believe it will happen sometime later this afternoon

Unidentified Reporter: OK

Schaller: Thank you very much.


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