Beanberry Frozen Yogurt Store Opens in Avalon One, Replacing Java Dreams Coffee Shop

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Beanberry Frozen Yogurt Store Opens in Avalon One, Replacing Java Dreams Coffee Shop

February 24, 2011 - 19:15


The store opened its doors this week and is in soft launch for now. There will be an official grand opening in a month or so but if you want to stop by and beta tests some delicious frozen yogurt and speciality coffee drinks while they get things up and running you are welcome.

Beanberry is owned by the same folks who brought you the nearby Gallery Cafe (with a kiosk located in City Hall).

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As long as they don't have happy endings also. ha ha good luck to you all welcome to the neghiborhood

Does this place have a web presence or is it like the Gallery Cafe site with minimal information such as hours of operation? I honestly have never walked by the Gallery Cafe and seen its doors open.

Robert Cox's picture

no web site yet.

Gallery Cafe closes after lunch, about 4 pm.

I've heard of soft launching web sites before but not a frozen yogurt joint. That's just a barrel of ridiculousness. I think I'll pass on the beta yogurt and wait for the official "launch" after all the guinea pigs without intestinal spyware installed have lined their stomachs with the frozen yogurt virus. They've got high standards to live up to after the popular appearance of Red Mango on Palmer.

well wishes to Sean and his team there, the decor is great.and the coffee awesome..his sandwiches are also delicious, i have eaten many times at his
Gallery Cafe...a good plus for that corner, on what has had recent negative headlines in other parts of the building...Congrads Sean...and for all of us..healthy yogurt for lunch and a snack..!