BLUR STRIKES AGAIN: Readers Find More Blur. Tags in New Rochelle


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle's serial tagger has struck again, this time in downtown New Rochelle near the New Rochelle Public Library. Another tag was found on Pelhamdale Road. Several more turned up last week between Eastchester Road and the Mirage Diner on North Avenue.

Blue New

Talk of the Sound set out a few months ago to unmask the person with the hope of their being sentenced to cleaning up the mess they are creating in New Rochelle.

Micaela Cox, our junior reporter, has been taking photos of the tag "BLUR." or "BLR" or "BLR." for the last two months and documenting the GPS locations of each photo.

The new photos were added to the Flickr library (above).

If you would like to assist us you can take a photo with a phone with the location service switched "on" for the camera. If you have new BLUR. tag photos you can email them to

Using our powers of deduction, based on the location of the photos we have tagged so far we have formed a hypothesis that needs to be tested further.

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