BOARD GAMES: Did the Board of Education and School Administration Lie about a Pay Freeze?

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BOARD GAMES: Did the Board of Education and School Administration Lie about a Pay Freeze?

December 06, 2012 - 01:07

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During the contentious discussions about the 2011-12 School budget which included cuts to personnel and busing services, the BOE and administration announced that they would freeze salaries for the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents.

Official salary data reported to New York State suggests this never happened.

The salaries for the the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendents increased in the 2011-12 budget year and then increased again in the current year.

Superintendent's Salary
2010-11 $263,250
2011-12 $266,500
2012-13 $272,097

Assistant Superintendents' Salary
2010-12 $202,370
2011-13 $204,869
2012-14 $209,171

Once again the Board of Education failed in its duty to oversee the School District’s finances. Worse, the Board sent home a “School News” flyer that appears to have lied to the public.

The flyer stated, “The Proposed Budget Includes the Following Cost Reductions: A salary freeze for the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, Managerial & Confidential unit members.”

The citizens of New Rochelle voted YES on that budget believing the salary freezes were real.

You can see the numbers for yourself at the NYSED website:

Adam Egelberg, CFA

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The school board is always looking to cut our children services in our school. So why not cut or freeze the superintendents pay. And why we are at it, why don't we take his New Rochelle car away. At his salary he can afford his own car and gas.

With the Board of Ed salaries they should be
able to pay their own MetroCards like folks
in the private sector. Enuf Said.

It's for the students transportation, not the Board of Ed workers

Robert Cox's picture

Obviousky you misunderstood our bearded wonder when he said he was taking a pay freeze.

After his pay was frozen in 2010 it remained frozen for 364 days, then it was unfrozen for a day and then re-frozen in 2011 for another 364 days and so on.

Why don't you understand this concept of a 364 day freeze.

Obviously, he deserves that money. Do you know how many late nights he spends keeping track of all his lies? That is a lot of extra work.

Ah so...that sounded like alot of money.
Apologies for not reading it closer.


Honestly, should we be surprised? The community has elected a school board that does not have a single person who can be considered financially literate. When the board attempted to be transparent on the issue of finance by creating the CAC it was a reason to be optimistic. The BOE followed up by ignoring every single recommendation of the CAC. Furthermore, it is doing everything in its power to see that CAC II is completely ineffective or is simply non-existent.

Our board members, quite frankly, do not take the job seriously. They do not read the resolutions they vote on. They do not perform any independent analysis on the decisions that they make. They allow criminals to be in close proximity to our children. They are puppets of the administration and have failed to honor their responsibility to the community.

The BOE is nothing more then a bizarre social club driven by self rationalized elitism. It's entire ethos is based on dysfunctional and inappropriate personal relationships. If it were not so sad it would be funny. Let's see how funny it is when the board has to reveal the $10 million budget hole that is coming in fiscal 2013-2014. I am quite sure the property tax payers of the City won't find a double digit school tax increase funny. Unfortunately, it won't matter to the BOE they will continue to saunter along on their merry way.