BREAKING: Police Investigating Possible Abduction, Report of Woman Duct-Taped, Throw in Car, Driven Down I-95


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle police are responding to a report of a possible abduction near the CostCo in New Rochelle.

A witness in a car on Industrial Lane called her husband to report seeing a woman with duct-tape around her mouth being placed in the back of car. The car took off towards I-95. The witness pursued the vehicle and called her husband who, in turn called New Rochelle police.

As the police attempted to sort out the report another call came in reporting a woman running on the road on I-95 near the Hutchison River Parkway. The woman had apparently escaped from the car.

UPDATE: Police are on the scene but have not located the woman.

UPDATE: Police are converging on the CostCo parking lot. They are checking all of the license plates of all cars in the parking lot.

UPDATE: New York State Police have been call in, Detectives being sent to the Bronx, in the area of Bruckner Boulevard.

UPDATE: NRPD saying no crime was committed in New Rochelle, only on I-95.


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