Bringing Retail Business to downtown New Rochelle

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Bringing Retail Business to downtown New Rochelle

June 20, 2011 - 20:10

Greetings community NR,

As we all know,Downtown has suffered for quite some time in the retail end of things and it doesn't look as if any major changes will be taking place soon.

My associates and I are strongly considering developing a shopping center in the downtown area.

We would like to invite startup retailers looking to rent space as well as existing retailers looking to expand.

We are ready to make the investment as we believe this can work. We need to find those of you who dream of running your own business and opening your own boutique shops in the area.

The population is there. The development is there. It's just a question of who will make this happen.

If you know of someone who is considering starting a business, ask them to consider downtown New Rochelle.

Then talk to us...

Downtown New Rochelle
- Yep, it's getting a lot of attention