Campus School Hosts Power of Peace Event

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Campus School Hosts Power of Peace Event

November 03, 2017 - 11:10

Campus School Hosts Power of Peace Event

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Campus Alternative High School hosted its first Power of Peace event for the school year in early October, offering a succession of experiential workshops designed to help students develop skills in conflict management, and feel empowered and connected to their community.

Mike Arteberry, executive director and founder of Youth Voices Center in New Rochelle, led the two-day program. Twenty juniors and seniors participated, talking about personal issues such as family life, drug use, friendships, what they wanted to do after high school, and where they saw themselves in 10 years. Arteberry also discussed situations that adolescents often face and spoke about his personal experience growing up in New Rochelle. 

Dr. Sandra Zupicich, the school psychologist, and Gabrielle DiSapia, a permanent substitute teacher at Campus school, also participated in the program.

Campus school has hosted Power of Peace for several years. A dropout prevention strategy that focuses on developing leadership, teamwork and decision-making, the program works with at-risk teens to keep them enrolled during the middle and high school years, and on track toward college and a career.

"During Power of Peace, we get to listen to different types of scenarios and experiences that we all face. It allows us to look deeper into ourselves and relate to each other," said Guadalupe Morales, a junior. "Power of Peace helps students recognize that we all go through similar emotions and experiences, and can help each other in different ways."