Cappelli Abandons LeCount Square but New Rochelle's Planned Parenthood Remains

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Cappelli Abandons LeCount Square but New Rochelle's Planned Parenthood Remains

January 10, 2011 - 02:35

In the December 13 issue of the Westchester Guardian

The new year rings "in" for New Rochelle but "out" for Louis Cappelli's proposed LeCount Square project. Editor and Founder of New Rochelle Talk of the Sound, Robert Cox, said on WVOX that the City of New Rochelle confirmed that because no discussions were held recently on the sale of the New Rochelle Post Office, that the LeCount Square project is dead. Councilman Al Tarantino concurred.
But among the empty apartment and commercial buildings on the block is the Planned Parenthood facility. Cappelli had plans to construct this organization a new building a number of blocks away on North Avenue when the construction of the LeCount Square development commenced. Now it is apparent that the Planned Parenthood facility which is across from New Roc entertainment center and Trump Plaza will remain. City Council members that voted for the LeCount Square Plan have never stated how they evaluated Planned Parenthood's presence's in this downtown area. Others are not reluctant to express their views.
There is a faithful group of pro-life New Rochelle residents and another group from a nearby community who go every Thursday morning to pray the rosary for the abortions that take place at this site. One of the most dramatic moments came a few weeks ago as they were praying. A car had stopped and the woman in it was staring at the group praying. One of the people praying went over to the car. The woman asked if they were praying for the babies aborted and suggested the group should keep it up. Sadly she then said how she had an abortion some years ago and has never forgiven herself. The member of the rosary group that had gone over to her car told her God always offers forgiveness. Another member told her how to get counseling at Lumina which is a place for healing after abortion.
Planned Parenthood is big business in this country. When its annual report was released it cited $363 million was received in Federal Funding in 2008-2009. They claim 324,000 abortions were performed, a 6% increase from the previous year. There were 9,400 adoption referrals. Another $700 million was spent to encourage use of contraceptives and for abortions internationally.
George Imburgia on the other hand looks to the future and stated, "Now that Louis Cappelli is no longer the developer for LeCount Square, he will not be able to relocate Planned Parenthood to a new location which is a pity. This is because Planned Parenthood is a grim reminder of all the human life that was put out of existence. Planned Parenthood does not belong in a business district." It can be added here, the long sought after Kohl's which was part of a package deal to bring retail to New Roc across the street was recently reported in (1/3/11) as stating they would no longer support Planned Parenthood. Talk of the Sound reported recently that Cappelli was negotiating to sell commercial space never rented in Trump Tower which is also within one block of Planned Parenthood.
On the thirty-eighth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are reminded that 53 million abortions have been performed in this country. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was reported saying Roe v. Wade was an "absurdity" and that the Constitution does not indicate anyone has a right to an abortion. But this, in his view, "doesn't mean you can't prohibit it," and nothing stops citizens from making abortion the law. Scalia also feels equal protection for women is not guaranteed in the 14th Amendment
Has the presence of Planned Parenthood in the business district of New Rochelle had any impact on the businesses in the area? Or is this too delicate a subject for anyone to discuss openly?

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Ummm, no. I have no problem discussing openly after reading this. You seem to be the one trying to make it into a delicate subject. The questionable presence of Planned Parenthood in the business district has nothing to do with abortions. In fact, Planned Parenthood is not the local "Abortions R Us" as you seem to perceive it to be. It also offers other services. The location is indeed a bit odd, considering the surrounding area is mainly a proposed destination for shopping, entertainment, and high priced residential and business space. The religious nuts that stand in front of the building waving their crosses only makes for a more innapropriate setting. They are creepy and publicly judgemental. I agree that there are better suited locations for a building like Planned Partenthood but what they offer and what a woman chooses to do with her own body is none of yours or any other individual's business. This article comes off as a poor attempt to push your religious and political views on others. Please spare the preaching and just focus on the situation at hand. Otherwise, re-name the article for what it really is.

Using Louis Cappelli's LeCount Square Project as a pretext for a rant against Planned Parenthood is wrong. I assumed you had something valid to report on this Project, you didn't. I will probable avoid your writings in the future.

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Peggy - I think your posting was disjointed and a poor mask at propagating your anti-choice views (which you have every right to make, but not with this kind of subject matter). But since you brought it up, it is not your right nor place to say peep when it come's to a women's right to choose or do with her body what she wishes. Your faith is no better than my faith and let's leave it at that.

Martin Sanchez