Careless NR Plow Destroys Property

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Careless NR Plow Destroys Property

December 29, 2010 - 20:50

Amid the statewide discussion of the blizzard & consequent snow removal scenarios that have befallen its citizens - Here is an example of an overzealous plowman haphazardly destroying property with some careless maneuvers behind the wheel.

The first photo depicts the curb as it was, intact. Picture is the portion of the curb that the plow avoided on its collision course.

NR Curb

Here is how it looks now:

NR Plow Rubble 2

NR Plow Rubble 3

Chunk of curb completely separated from street:

NR Plow Rubble 4

Finally, the hideous aftermath:

NR Plow Rubble 5

The photos do not lie; this is wanton clumsiness.

Lets hope this is an isolated incident.

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I expected to find pictures of a car sideswiped or monuments toppled over and all I find is some damaged curbing! I'm also sure it isn't an "isolated incident", so I hope we won't be seeing more of these stories in the coming days as the snow melts away!
This thread is so useless on so many levels!

Oh, if it makes you feel better, street curbing and the grass area near the street (not sure how many feet in) is CITY, private property wasn't "obliterated". Aesthetics aside, any damage caused that increases liability against the city will, most likely, be fixed if reported. So report it!

First, I never said "private property"

Second, you would have to agree that this is a completely avoidable mishap. It is presumably an accident, but one born out of carelessness. Next, you'd have to agree that spending city moneys on avoidable mishaps is not the best way to improve our city. We should be building upward not making more problems to fix. The curb is fairly unforgiving as well, I doubt it's good for the the plow itself to run roughshod over concrete abutments.

You supposition that "I'm also sure it isn't an 'isolated incident'" is not comforting in the least.

I know I'd have a hard time missing the curbs, they could be anywhere under the snow.

Those aren't real curbs anyway, they're formed asphalt and aren't/weren't going to last like cut stone or cement.

First, you insinuated private property by saying something to the effect "This man's grass is obliterated..." So, is the city "the man" to which you refer?

Second, I do not agree,at all,that it is completely avoidable. Why do you think the signs that read "RAISE PLOW" were invented. I'll answer for you....Because you can't see anything under snow!!!
The only possible way to avoid unseen obstacles is to get those reflective sticks and border every inch of curb in the city! That would be far more "taxing" on the city than replacing an asphalt curb here and there and still could not ensure some things getting hit.
As far as thhe plows having extra "wear and tear", I'm not a mechanic, but I think this would be considered normal "wear and tear".

As far as my supposition, I was being facetious. Come to think of it, this whole story should be considered facetious.

As "itsjustme" put it, get over it you baby.

No I don't agree

"completely avoidable" Yeah, on hot summer day!

I didn't see the sticks until i wasted my time to watch the video, but i can tell you the sticks were put there after the plow came, How? there still up strait and actually pointed in to the street and only where the damage is, unless someone had a crystal ball and new where the plow was going to hit

Either way you cant always see where the curb line is, not 100% of the time, not in a blizzard

you should try plowing in a blizzerd

Don't be ridiculous. Sure the plow truck driver appears to have hit the so called curb. Under the conditions I would call it minimal damage.

WOW every one needs a hobby!

So now the city should put sticks to mark all the street?, crap happens!

Matt, you usually make a good point but I think you have to let this one go, buddy.

I really can't believe you can't find something better to whine about then this. As you said yourself in the video "We'll see the damage more clearly after the snow melts". That just proves that the DPW workers couldn't see it either.

What a waste of bandwith.