CASE CLOSED II: Westchester County District Attorney Rejects Another Phony Bonanno Harassment Claim Against Talk of the Sound Reporter

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CASE CLOSED II: Westchester County District Attorney Rejects Another Phony Bonanno Harassment Claim Against Talk of the Sound Reporter

April 16, 2012 - 17:05

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Vincent "Jimmy" Bonanno, the father of James "Little Jimmy" Bonanno, recently filed a harassment complaint against Talk of the Sound reporter Robert Cox. The complaint was dismissed as baseless by the Westchester County District Attorney because the actions described in the complaint were not illegal. This is the second such rejected complaint filed this month. Little Jimmy filed his own complaint last week which was rejected by the DA on the same grounds.

Double Doh!

On April 2nd, New Rochelle police responded at 7 a.m. to 51 Cliff Street based on a complaint made against Robert Cox by Jimmy Bonanno. Like his son the complaint is based in numerous false statements by Bonanno senior.

According to police records obtained by Talk of the Sound, Bonanno told police that Cox followed him to his girlfriend's house in Orange County and took pictures of Bonanno's friends working on the house claiming "it was city workers during school time". The article does not say that two men working on the house were "city workers during school time". In fact, the article states "The two men pictured below were working on a Sunday and neither works for the school district." The purpose of including the photo was to confirm that work was going on at the house at the time that three school district workers were ordered to report to that location during the school district work week.

I have never followed Jimmy Bonanno anywhere. There is no need to follow him. Like a snail, he leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes. It was a simple matter of a Google search to get the street address of the house and a Google Map search to get directions to the house.

The story Bonanno imagines amounts to criminal harassment is an entirely accurate report on his having ordered school district employees to report to work at his girlfriend's house:

New Rochelle Schools Supervisor James Bonanno Misappropriates School District Employees to Work on Private Home in Orange County

New Rochelle Schools Buildings & Grounds Supervisor James Bonanno last month ordered three school district employees to report to work at a house owned by his girlfriend in upstate New York over a period of several days as part of an ongoing renovation of the property, sources say. The house, owned by Bonanno's girlfriend, Heidi Reyes, is located in Cornwall, NY near West Point, in Orange County.

Each day, workers from New Rochelle would make the hour plus drive up to Orange County while clocked in as working in New Rochelle. Talk of the Sound has obtained the names of the three district employees. Under a newly developed policy, Talk of the Sound will aim not publish the names of school district employees or municipal employees in cases where they ordered to engage in illegal or unethical behavior by their boss to keep the focus on the supervisors who are engaged in illegal or unethical conduct.

Sources tell Talk of the Sound that Bonanno is in the process of getting a divorce and renovating the house to prepare it as his new primary residence.

A review of Orange County records and a site visit to the property in Cornwall, NY on a recent Sunday indicates that work is going on at the location, that New Rochelle residents are working on the property and that there are no open building permits on file. The two men pictured below were working on a Sunday and neither works for the school district.

We have left out the names of the district workers involved. However, if Mr. Bonanno wishes to cast doubt on the original report, Talk of the Sound might be required to provide their names -- and would, at that point, publish them on Talk of the Sound as part of a police record.

Detective Gregory Herring filed a supplemental narrative report dated April 10, 2012.

On the above date and time this Detective spoke to Robert Cox in regards to the Harassment that was reported against him by James Bonanno on 02 April 2012. Cox was advised that after investigating the allegation of Harassment and discussing the incident with the District Attorney's Office it was deemed that the actions of Robert Cox was not illegal. Cox advised that he did not think his actions were illegal and advised that he would attempt to pick up a copy of the report. With the incident not being illegal this Detective will close the case at this time.

I might also point out to readers that both Bonannos are meeting with police during work hours to file police reports based on personal complaints, just another example of these two stealing time paid for by taxpayers.


CASE CLOSED: Westchester County District Attorney Rejects Harassment Claim Filed by James Bonanno Against Talk of the Sound Reporter