CAUGHT ON TAPE: New Rochelle Planning Board Member Chuckles Over Destroying "the entire South End of New Rochelle" to Improve the Views

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CAUGHT ON TAPE: New Rochelle Planning Board Member Chuckles Over Destroying "the entire South End of New Rochelle" to Improve the Views

February 02, 2014 - 02:35

Walter Lipow, a member of the New Rochelle Planning Board, was caught on tape during the Board's January 28th meeting making a wisecrack about destroying "the entire South End of New Rochelle".

On the tape, Lipow is reviewing documents with fellow board member Susan Masi.


"if we could destroy the entire South of New Rochelle we would have these views for [crosstalk] [laughter]"

h/t Larraine Karl.

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There are 7 Comments

If this is what a planning board member feels about the south side of New Rochelle then i don't think he should be on that board.If he wants better views maybe he should move out of this city. Mr.Bramson should remove this member ASAP.

Apparently, Dr. Lipow, a longstanding member of the Planning Board, has finally shown his true colors. Do we really want someone on that Board who is only concerned with his end of town and not the entire city?

As a matter of fact, a comment made by him later on at that same meeting concerning an addition to a 24-unit building on Stonelea Place reflected his disinterest. He asked no questions and stated that he didn't care one way or the other.

I think it's time for Dr. Lipow to retire from the Board and for the city to bring in a person who is interested in the ENTIRE city and what would be in the best interest of its citizens.

While on the subject of the Planning Board, it's painfully apparent that the majority (if not all) of the Board members do not familiarize themselves beforehand with the properties discussed at their meetings -- quite unlike the Zoning Board, whose members travel to the various locations before their meetings to become familiar with the sites. If you watch the entire proceedings of the 1/28 Planning Board meeting, you will see that no one on the Board was familiar with the various sites discussed.

Brian, I couldn't agree more! Lipow’s callous remarks about the south end reveal his disdain for the very diversity he once touted. Lipow is a hoax talking out of both sides of his mouth. It will be interesting to listen to WVOX today at 5 pm to Dr. Lipow’s weekly radio show to hear his explanation. Unfortunately for Lipow there is no expiation that would be acceptable. There is only apology, groveling and resignation from the Planning Board!

It is upsetting to say the least, that a member of the Planning Board or any board should have such a opinion about New Rochelle. The members are representing the city or should I say the citizens of New Rochelle. Perhaps Dr. Lipow did not receive the memo that we are starting to work together. When you show such distain for one part of New Rochelle, you are showing disrespect for all areas of New Rochelle. There is room for discussion and debate, but all parts of this city have merit and can contribute. Perhaps Dr. Lipow should get out more and see what he is missing.

Apparently Dr. Lipow is suffering from a guilty conscience as a result of his gaffe at the January 28th Planning Board meeting. With his microphone still on, Dr. Lipow, in speaking with one of his colleagues, was heard to say "If we could destroy the entire south end of New Rochelle..." [the last part of the comment was inaudible]. Dr. Lipow has repeatedly refused – up until now – to speak about his controversial statement.

After last night’s Planning Board meeting, while speaking with me, Dr. Lipow abruptly changed the subject and stated that he would "accept an apology" from me, referring to my written comments about his statement back in January regarding the south end. He went on to say that I would be totally embarrassed if I had known what he actually said. I then mentioned that his comment was on tape and that I would not apologize. In fact, I told him I would call him on it again if he ever repeated such a statement.

I believe Dr. Lipow has it backwards......HE is the one who owes an apology. Don't hold your breath, though. It seems to be a very touchy subject for him.