Change Must Come to New Rochelle on Tuesday

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Change Must Come to New Rochelle on Tuesday

October 29, 2010 - 12:33

Change must come to New Rochelle this year. The change I refer to is the complete change in direction our city so desperately needs. A change in the way development is planned and implemented. A change in the way OUR city spends OUR money. A change that will bring our city together to begin solving EVERYONES problems, rather than dividing us further.

Why is change so important this year? We need it now because 30 years of the same majority has taxed and spent us to the point that people cannot take it anymore. During the past five years taxes have risen 33.5%. Spending priorities like $60,000 to clean statues and $140,000 to cut the tops off lily pads in Paine Lake have been the order of the day. If common sense were the standard in City Hall, during these difficult times, the money would have been better utilized to save three firemen from being laid off or to put more police on the street to keep our residents safe. So it's high time we give a new majority a chance to bring common sense, fresh ideas and more responsible financial policies to City Hall.

If you have a problem accepting desperately needed change then get ready to fork over more cash to the tax man and accept that you will continue to see wasteful spending, poorly thought-out and implemented development, and a lack of sales-tax generating retail while living in a divided city that doesn't really solve anyone's problems. What has happened to the Queen City of The Sound? It’s become a city that just seems to continue in a downward spiral.

Common sense dictates that creative ways are proposed to keep taxes down while providing the highest possible level of public safety and services to taxpayers. These are the most important priorities.

You can make a difference and help bring change on November 2nd. Peter Parente represents that change.

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It was fun to see the sidewalks get widened and then narrowed and then widened again and then narrowed again. It was fun watching the city install iron decorative railings around the sidewalk trees and watch the car doors get dented as they smashed into them. It's nice knowing I'm paying top dollar in taxes while City Hall insiders get combat veteran credits (when they never served) and multiple primary residence tax breaks. I love reading about federal cases of drug dealing, theft of funds and corruption in the city. Nothing goes with my morning coffee like reading about the purchase of property from the cities auditor for a million dollars (you know that vacant lot next to 311 North ave) The building was falling down and the city gave them 1 million dollars for it (about 2x the FMV at the time). Where else can I go for my daily fill of kickbacks, payments to secret corporations and backroom deals? Please don't change a thing.