Citizens Heard on Echo Bay Tax Giveaway, Lack of Police Gun Contract, 2nd Amendment



NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The New Rochelle City Council opened their door to public comment at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. The comments came for hours, finally wrapping up at 10:30 p.m.

The featured event was a Public Hearing on the Echo Bay DEIS.

Why the New Rochelle School Community Needs to Come Together to Change the Echo Bay Deal

New Rochelle Board of Education Statement on the Echo Bay DEIS
Robert Cox Remarks to the City Council on the Echo Bay DEIS - Part I
Robert Cox Remarks to the City Council on the Echo Bay DEIS - Part II
Remarks to City Council on Echo Bay DEIS by Adam Egelberg
Ken Lewis Letter to City Council on Echo Bay DEIS

Members of the New Rochelle police unions spoke on their desire for a fair contract:

New Rochelle Police Association Ray Andolina Spoke on Members Working Without A Contract

2nd Amendment Advocates spoke out about the Mayor's resolution supporting the NY SAFE Act:

Remarks to City Council on the NY SAFE Act by Moises Valencia

RELATED to the Echo Bay DEIS

Echo Bay Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Board of Education VIDEO (Read Over 5,000 Times!)
City Council VIDEO (Read Over 20,000 Times!)
Avalon School Tax Subsidy Tops $11 MILLION, City and Board of Ed Can’t Agree on Per-Pupil Developers Costs

Make sure the City Council knows how you feel, base the Echo Bay taxes on the ACTUAL NUMBER OF KIDS or NO DEAL!!!

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