City Boosts Graffiti Removal Program

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City Boosts Graffiti Removal Program

October 08, 2016 - 13:03

City Boosts Graffiti Removal Program

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Unsightly graffiti on public and private properties will be removed more quickly and definitively under a new Graffiti Removal Program started this month.

While the City Code requires the removal of graffiti within 48 hours, staffing levels have not allowed for consistent enforcement, noted City Manager Charles B. Strome. Through the new program, an outside contractor will now be used, speeding up the process. “We can now effectively commit to our own cleanup, and turn our attention to enforce the code for private properties,” Strome noted.

Graffiti defacing public property will be removed within 48 hours of being reported, and on private properties, an abatement notice will be issued to owners within 2 business days of graffiti being reported to the City. Property owners will then have 10 days to remove the graffiti or the City will perform the removal and send a bill to the property owner.

“This policy underscores our commitment to a community that is cleaner and more attractive, neighborhoods that are more livable, and commercial areas that are more inviting,” stated Mayor Noam Bramson.

To assist the City with graffiti locations and reporting, residents and businesses can call the City Manager’s office at 654-2140.