City of New Rochelle Accepts Five Smart Tap Water-Bottle Filling Stations for Local Parks


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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The New Rochelle City Council today accepted a gift of five Smart Tap water-bottle filling stations for New Rochelle Parks. The water fountains will be installed at several City parks.

Deborah Newborn, New Rochelle's Sustainability Coordinator, told Council Members that the Parks Department has identified three suitable locations where there are existing but defunct water fountains, Pinebrook Tennis Courts, Library Green and Hudson Park. Two additional locations -- Memorial Plaza and Faneuil Park -- are under consideration.

Newborn said the idea came from Catie Bramson, the wife of New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson.

The water-bottle filling stations would accomplish a major goal of GreenNR to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.

The filling stations may also become a revenue source as an advertising platform.

The filling stations would be closed down during winter months.

About Smart Tap Stations

Smart Taps are bottle-filling stations with drinking water fountains made available to cities free of charge, making the safe, clean and healthy, municipal drinking water supply more accessible.

By drinking from a Smart Tap and using a refillable, reusable bottle, everyone can do his or her part for our environment.

Smart Taps were installed in Brooklyn over the summer:

Prospect Park Gets New Water Fountains For Bottle Refills

The new oasis was an almost instant hit with park goers, and a line quickly formed to use the device, a video posted on the Smart Tap website showed.

"Hooray for smart tap in prospect park!" Tweeted @tinkergarten. "Even easier and more Eco friendly to #playoutdoors with you here."

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Anna Giordano's picture
Anna Giordano on Wed, 09/11/2013 - 22:23

That is a great development, and now how about some recycling cans in those parks? And at those ball fields?

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