College of New Rochelle Cuts 32 in Wake of Accounting Scandal

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College of New Rochelle Cuts 32 in Wake of Accounting Scandal

June 12, 2017 - 20:53
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article originally stated 35 people had been fired, the actual number is 32.

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The College of New Rochelle today announced the firing of 32 faculty, staff and administrators. Among them Elaine White, Vice President of Student Services and Barabara Paterno, former secretary of past-President Judith Huntington.

The news was alluded to in a letter to the CNR Community from Dr. Dorothy A. Escribano, Interim President and Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The letter reads:

Dear Members of the CNR Community: 

As you know, over the last nine months the College has been implementing a financial restructuring plan designed to assure its long-term future. This exhaustive process has involved a careful analysis of every facet of our operations to determine where expenses can be reduced while the quality and value of the student experience is maintained.

To date we have identified and implemented cost reductions in virtually every operational area. As a result, we have made significant progress and our financial outlook is steadily improving.  However, in order to rebuild our financial foundation, further cost savings must be realized. Achieving the additional operating cost reductions has made it necessary to eliminate 32 faculty and staff positions.

We have taken this painful step only after exhausting all other options. We fully recognize that our faculty and staff are at the heart of our teaching and learning experience. We have carefully evaluated each position that is being eliminated to assure the minimum impact on the overall quality of the student experience.

Payroll and benefits are the College’s largest area of expense, yet it’s the most difficult to reduce because it involves the lives of individuals who devote their time and energy to our students and campus. Regrettably, we are left with no choice if we are to achieve financial stability.

As we move toward our fall semester, we do not anticipate any further layoffs. Enrollment for the fall remains steady and we are optimistic that thanks to the efforts, sacrifice and understanding of our College community, we can ensure that the College’s 113-year legacy will continue into the future.

We have posted an FAQ on the College website to provide further information about the current situation.