Comments Section Will Revert Back to "Registration Required" This Weekend

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Comments Section Will Revert Back to "Registration Required" This Weekend

January 18, 2013 - 18:32

A quick note to readers. The requirement to register before commenting was lifted in the wake of the Journal News gun map story which brought tens of thousands of readers to the site. Most of these readers were not regular Talk of the Sound readers --- they were from every state in the U.S. and dozens of countries around the world. To facilitate discussion on the site the registration requirement was temporarily lifted. Starting this weekend, the site will revert back to normal and readers wishing to comment will need to be logged in to their account. Registration for the site is free.

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You're a phony and all the truth is coming out. So many people know the truth and garbage about what you do.

robert cox is a sick and twisted evil man who revels people like michele bachmann and other tea partiers. The movement is over as is cox's jihad. Those who are supported by him are finding themselves in precarious positions.


hows that job at the JN working out loser.Maybe now we wont have to deal with all those illegals delivering that rag at 5 in the morning with their pos cars with no mufflers.JOURNAL NEWS SUCKS.Thats all


You're a bully and a coward. What you've done to hard-working journalists who had nothing to with the map is beyond imaginable.

Worse, you did it to your daughter's colleagues. How could you avoid disclosing that she's a digital producer at the Gannett-owned Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin?

You are scum.

How about what the journal news did to legal gun owners who had nothing to do with new town? You are just the typical liberal racist scumbag.

Take your liberal rag and all its non union illegal alien workers and outsource to another country.You and that rag are not needed or wanted,except when I take a shit and theres no paper,or lining my bird cage.Its about all its good for.LOSER LIBERALS

Mr. Cox... you are a patriot doing a great service to this City, County, State and United States by your comprehensive and truthful reporting. It always amazes me that the Liberals who consider themselves unbiased and intelligent are neither. They cannot entertain any vision of our society other than their vision. Any discussion a liberal has with a conservative quickly deteriorates into the Liberal calling the Conservative radical, uncompromising, selfish, et. al. The Liberal simply will not entertain any vision other than their vision of our society. Of course, if the Liberal would consider their philosophy in a historical perspective (and I am not simply talking about during their lifetime), they will find that their values, philosophy, and societal structure have been repeatedly unsuccessful whenever and wherever implemented...simply a disaster. Yet they continue to espouse their philosophy and vision. They will never learn.
Mr. Cox...keep up the good work. As they say in the military (and yes, I am a veteran), we have your back.
Dominic Florio

On behalf of the hard working civil service employees whose lives have been disrupted by the Journal News cruel attacks, could you please add the salary of each of these employees along with their other info?????