County Legislator Maisano Offers Support for Armory Re-use

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County Legislator Maisano Offers Support for Armory Re-use

March 14, 2012 - 11:16

Long time supporter of the Armory, County Legislator Jim Maisano, expressed his concerns to the City Council in his letter of record for the latest council meeting. Support continues to grow as more and more people begin to realize the potential that exists in our own back yard. We hope you join with Mr. Maisano and the rest of the supporters to help make the vision become a reality. All of New Rochelle benefits when we work together.

Mr. Maisano isn't the only one who understands the importance of  how the Armory was transfered to the City . The subsequent  letter from the New York State Office of General Services has offered an explanation of the terms of the transfer. The proposals for Echo Bay have consistently failed to allow compliance with the spirit and intent of the law.

We thank you for your support and for the clarification.

Legislator Maisano letter to City Council

NYS Office of General Services Description of Deed Covenant page 1

NYS Office of General Services Description of Deed Covenant page 2

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Clearly Jim Maisano stands forever in support of the Armory and for good reason. Jim in my mind always weighs in for the good of the people of New Rochelle.
In reading the Opinion from NY State you would think that it would be impossible to convey this property to Forrest City. That said something causes Bramson to continue something allows him to think this restricted deed can be overcome.
If I am Bramson I am wondering how much I can push this with this particular developer with the checkered past. Bramson may be hubris and he may be stubborn but he certainly is not stupid. What lets him think he can have it his way, what makes him think that scrutiny will not bite him in the end.
Echo Bay will not happen but I get the feeling Bramsons Peiric Victory is not a developed Echo Bay but a torn down Armory.

As with anything, there's always an “out”.

In this case, Bramson's planning (as he did 2 years ago) to petition our state representatives to introduce legislation to void the deed restrictions and allow NR to do whatever they want with the building. Home Rule is what I remember it was called then & probably what it'll be called when they re-introduce again which has to happen for the whole Echo Bay charade to continue.

Our state representatives, Democrats Paulin, Latimer, Oppenheimer & Klein all supported the request from Mayor Bramson. In the end, some may have distanced themselves from the legislation (but I can't really remember) after the topic became a hot button issue thanks in large part to Bob Cox & the TOTS crowd.

If memory serves me, the legislation died after Patterson finally got a budget passed in late June & all the legislators went home without taking up the issue, much like Bramson's effort to sneak in the utility tax without anyone knowing last year. Good government at its best!

I remember the posts here at TOS and the state law to allow the knocking down of the armory was introduced by Latimer in Assembly and Oppenheimer in Senate at last minute and the end of session without any public notice or comment. It was shameful and as bad a government gets. I don't think Paulin & Klein were involved, but not sure.

If you ever needed a reason to vote for Bob Cohen this year for State Senate - there it is. Latimer has been in office forever (someone told me like 25 years) and he is always part of the problem and never fights for the people. Remember that New Rochelle once had a tax cap (thanks to Ron Tocci), and in first year in the state office, Latimer put in and passed the legislation to lift our city tax cap. He then voted last year against Gov. Cuomo's tax cap! Hearing that Latimer may run against Cohen and we must defeat him.

Westchester County Legislator Jim Maisano's picture

Thanks for your kind words and for posting my letter with attachment. Thanks also for your hard work to save the Armory.

Jim Maisano
County Legislator