Cox Campaign Falls Short by 172 Votes in New Rochelle Board of Education Race

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Cox Campaign Falls Short by 172 Votes in New Rochelle Board of Education Race

May 19, 2011 - 00:06


Wow! What a race for school board!

I want to thank all those people who came out to vote Tuesday, especially those 1,796 voters that cast their votes for Financial Accountability, Transparency, Equity and Excellence.

We came up 172 votes short out of 8,546 votes cast or 2% of the total votes cast. We did not win but last night, surrounded by an incredible group of volunteers who came together from all parts of the City, it sure did not feel like a loss. There is always a lot of talk in New Rochelle about "celebrating diversity" but our campaign brought together as diverse a group as your are going to see: North End and South End, East End and West End, African-American, Latino and White, Young and Old, Christians and Jews of many denominations, professionals, working class, housewives, civic leaders, elected officials, veterans, municipal and school district employees and more. These are people who came together on the fly, from very different walks of life but all united by a common desire to restore Financial Accountability, Transparency, Equity and Excellence to our schools.

UPDATE: We just got the official canvas. There were 5,028 votes cast up from about 3,900 last year or a 27% increase or about 12% of registered voters up from about 9%. That was the impact of our campaign on voter turnout.

Somewhere along the way, from turning in our petitions to get on the ballot at the end of April until Election Day yesterday, this year's race for school board became about something larger than any individual candidate. In just three weeks, the race was transformed into a referendum on out-of-touch leadership in both our school district and our municipal government, people fed up with ever-increasing taxes, going up in inverse proportion to the decline in the quality and integrity of the product offered by our City and Schools and dissatisfaction with our current leadership.

Almost 1,800 people came to the polls Tuesday, many being people who normally do not vote in school board elections, to say with one voice "enough is enough, we deserve better". It is those people I intend to represent at future Board of Education meetings.

The returns by polling place say a lot about the school district specifically and the state of New Rochelle generally.

I won every South End school -- Jefferson, Columbus, Trinity and Isaac. I also won Holy Name and City Park and came in second at the Martin Luther King Center and New Rochelle High School. I was particularly gratified to come in second at MLK as I worked hard to ask for that vote and got it.

I ran 1st or 2nd at 8 of 13 polling places. The two winning candidates ran 1-2 at the other 5, all of the North End schools. The results reflect what I have been writing about here on Talk of the Sound and talking about on WVOX Talk of the Sound Radio. Residents in the West End, South End, East End and the City Center are dissatisfied with the performance of the administration of the school system - increasing expenses, higher taxes and general financial mismanagement. Their children are experiencing a fundamentally different educational experience and they do not like it. The North End districts of Webster, Barnard, Davis, Ward and ALMS are generally satisfied with the schools. I appreciate that as my children, at one time or another, have attended each of those five schools. If that's all you know, the New Rochelle schools are great but where does that leave the rest of the community? That's one divide we need to bridge in this community.

Another divide is between public school parents and those who choose to place their children in private and parochial schools. These children have the same claim on the attention and concerns of the Board of Education as any child in the public schools, both morally and legally. Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak's decision to exploit this divide in order to pass a school budget, pitting neighbor against neighbor, was a cowardly and cynical maneuver that served only to tear communities apart. It was easily among the most shameful episodes in his career as Superintendent in New Rochelle, a career littered with such episodes.

Yet another divide to bridge is between the people who benefit directly from their children being in the public schools and those who generously fund those schools despite not having school-age children. The budget process shows a complete lack of respect for those people who fund the district but especially those without children. One issue that came across loud and clear in this campaign, and was echoed even by the "anointed" establishment candidates, is that entire budget process is Kabuki Theater where Assistant Superintendent Quinn is allowed by the board to waste hundreds of man hours reading aloud every line in the budget, a document that any interested person could read at home prior to the budget meetings if only it was provided to them in advance.

What should be clear is that New Rochelle is currently ruled by a relatively small but organized group that runs the City and the School District for their own narrow interest at the expense of every other resident. The last divide to bridge is that between the perception of invincibility that the North End political machine has cultivated and the reality that an ad hoc, rag tag army of volunteers came within two percentage points of taking them down on their home turf.

To those who manned the barricades this time, my thanks. To those who will join us next time, welcome.

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Bob Cox ran a campaign that was truly admirable. He didn't take the bait when any of his co-candidates dangled it in front of him. The School Board didn't want Bob. They didn't want to have to be held accountable for what they do with our money. It's a shame that our fellow citizens were too lazy to go out and vote. Mayor Bramson apparently had some bone to pick with Bob. He wants to be known for his boyish charm but then he lambasts Bob with a link in a letter to the citizens of New Rochelle. The machine is alive and well in New Rochelle and we are all the worse for it. I hope that Bob's campaign gets more of us to go to the school board meetings and get involved. It's time to start preparing for election 2012

Total number of registered voters in New Rochelle

1 - Barnard 2,911
2 - Columbus 2,912
3 - Davis 4,321
4 - Jefferson 3,573
5 - MLK Comm. Ctr. 3,543
6 - NRHS 3,847
7 - Trinity 3,841
8 - ALMS 2,405
9 - Webster 3,104
10 - Isaac E. Young 4,333
11 - Holy Name 3,222
12 - Ward 2,067
13 - 570 Fifth Ave. 248

Total 40,327

4,327 of the registered voters went out and voted on May 17th, 2011.

The civic duty of voting

One of the most self-rewarding civic duties that an individual can participate in is voting. Our nation was founded on the notion that we are to be ruled by the people. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual who can vote to do so.

Voting is not a mandatory civil duty but it is one of the most important ones that individual can partake in. Throughout history it was at the forefront of civil right movements. Both women and blacks recognized the power behind voting and fought to achieve this right.

It is important that we participate in voting in our country. America is often referred to as a democracy but in reality we are a republic. A republic is when the people select a representative to speak and act on their behalf.

It is the collective view of individuals that will determine who will represent us and speak on our behalf. By voting, we can select a candidate that will reflect our core values, ideology and our vision for country. Typically, there will be a few people running that we can select from.

It is the job of the candidates to appeal to as many people as possible. It does not matter if it is local, state or national; the election process is a civic duty that benefits out nation. The popular thoughts and ideal will prevail in an election.

Through the entire voting process, your opinion will be heard. There are millions of people who have similar opinions. By fulfilling your civic duty of voting, you will be able to add to the collective thoughts and concerns of our nation. Likewise, if you chose not to participate then that seemingly dampens the voice of the American people.

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Good for you buddy ,
Keep them on there toe's.
That's what you are all about!!!!!

And to those of you who think what he is doing
is good .
Lt's keep supporting him through his site!!!!!

Bob Cox was the best school board candidate who ever graced the City of New Rochelle. The fact that the voters did not choose proves the elite in this communuty prefer the corruption and mismanagement that continues to plague the school system. I hope those who voted against him are willing to foot the bill for the high taxes and wasteful spending that characterizes the school district.

A very sad day for the City indeed.

Congradulations Bob on a galent effort and a job well done nonetheless. You gave them a run for their money.

The School Tax portion of your Property Taxes is larger by far than the City Tax, Country Tax, Library and the Garbage Tax portion all together.
Certainly NRED prefers this kind of voting disinterest.. The coruption and waste has not gotten to the level to wake up the North End Voters thusly the School Board has their die hards who would vote for the budget and prefered candidate no matter. It is important to keep exposing the waste, exposing the inflated salary's and the salary raises during unprecedented times. Until enough people get fed up of having their taxes used to support waste and fraud and over compensation we will always have the same. Would be a spectacular idea to move the budget vote and election of board members to November along with the general elections. We have a business as usual going on here with no end in sight. New Rochelle Schools are mediocre at best.

You couldn't even win a board of education election. You destroyed Jim Maisano's chances of winning, and there have been one or two other campaigns which you've been part of the reason they've lost. You use lies and vitriol to attempt to get the good out. Adolf Hitler did the same with his Nazi socialist party. Cox, I would say your 15 minutes of fame are up. No one will remember you as you'll be like a fart in the wind and New Rochelle will continue on like a rolling stone. New Rochelle spoke by voting and you couldn't even win a small election with 2500 people voting. No machine exists, it's called reality pal. Put whatever spin on it you may, you lost. You lost a board of education election. Dude, you're a loser. I could win that in my sleep.

Bob, you will win any election you run for next as long as you decide early. The machine that runs these school board elections are a formidable opponent. They get every teacher, spouse, employee, their kids, all the people from the library and every PTA member and the ass kissing groupies these people have to get out and vote.
Good luck next time.

PS. Get this site promoted in the North End.

it's funny how Jim himself spoke on this site to defend Bob Cox.
Now you can crawl back under the rock you came out from.

Tea Party Crasher,

Pease let me pay your rent this month....I believe it's $20 for the use of your parent's basement...right?

And...if you are feeling up to it,you can put your big boy pants on and we can have a public debate on any political\social topic you'd like.

We can do it on WVOX -live on the radio -or we can do a series of articles in the Westchester Guardian, this site, or if you would like in the comfort of my home...or your mom's basement...pick your poison.

I'm ready to beat the drums of war...are you?

Ask yourself this question: Why, as a free American, should I be forced by my own government to meet the economic demands of my neighbor?

We are under the false illusion that we are living in a free society.

We are not free…we are Taxslaves - indentured servants to a political ruling class that manipulates the American people to vote between two heads of the same beast…Tyranny.

Our elected leaders act more like rulers, kings, queens, emperors, and pharos than representatives of the people....YOU are one of their peasants.

Americans are once again willing to fight back, and because of this, we are treated like aggressors. We are not aggressors - we are the resistance.

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”.

- Kurt

Clearly you're someone with an anger problem. Comparing Bob Cox to Adolph Hitler? Have you been hanging around with your friends in the white robes?
The School Board pushed two candidates and the Mayor bashed Bob Cox in a letter to his citizens. Clearly you can't be that obtuse to realize that? if you need help with the big words, just ask.
Bob, unlike the Mayor and the other candidates acted in the same manner as you. You need to calm down. Where did you get the 2500 number? if you take off your shoes, maybe it will help you count into the double digits. If I make take the liberty of quoting you :"You use lies and vitriol to attempt to get the good out. Adolf Hitler did the same with his Nazi socialist party." Now there's someone who has a shot at winning a local election. You and the school board candidates attacked Bob every step of the way- why don't you put yourself in the hotseat and lets see how you do. Nah you're just a big shot with a big mouth. Who's leash are you on that you're acting as their attack dog. I expect a nasty response from you- it seems pretty obvious that's all you're capable of doing

Bob Cox lost a Board of Education Election. It's safe to say anyone who's ever lost a board of education election has never amounted to anything. Keep up the hard work cox!! You're definitely providing the 5 people who look at this site with a life.

Cox is keeping the only 5 people who watch this site alive?pathetic. I guess that makes you one of the 5. Clearly it's a waste of time speaking to you: keep on attacking little boy.

Westchester County Legislator Jim Maisano's picture

When someone runs for office, we should all congratulate them for having the guts to seek public service. So to Bob and the other 3 candidates that were not successful, thanks for running, giving people a choice and making democracy work.

As for the erroneous allegation that Bob somehow cost me my supreme court election last year - nonsense. Bob taught me a lot about internet campaigns and social media, and I thank him for that. However, Bob was one of about 100 people that volunteered on my campaign. We had Reps, Dems and independents helping and ran a bipartisan campaign. And we did very well. The 9th Judicial District has 183,000 more Dems than Reps, and we only lost by about 5,000 in a race where 500,000 people voted (lost by 1%)...not too bad! We are proud of our campaign and just came up a little short.

So let's stop the Hitler comparisons - please don't cheapen genocide. Let's stop the nasty attacks. We all live in this community and need to work together. The people spoke in the election on Tuesday, and now we need to congratulate the winners, thank the challengers and move forward.

Jim Maisano
County Legislator

Westchester County Legislator Jim Maisano's picture

By the way, if any person cost me the judicial election, it was that lousy GOP governor candidate - Carl Palladino. Several political analysts that studied last year's election (both Dem & Rep) have stated that any Reps that lost close elections in NYS (me, Harry Wilson & Bob Cohen), can blame it on Palladino, whose wacky statements caused more Dems and less Reps to turn out to vote as compared to other states in 2010!

Jim Maisano

The NY Republican party is a joke. It's amazing that anyone (Pataki, Astorino) can ever win.

Guard your independence jealously and protect it with ruthless passion

Big Government is the serpent that is tempting us to eat from the tree of political dependence. The road to success will be achieved by removing the political parasites that have degenerated American Independence. We cannot trust our elected officials, but we can trust our Constitution. It is fully within our ability to make sure that our “leaders” are doing what they were put in office to do – protect America from all threats – foreign and domestic. We are watching President Obama attempt to “fundamentally transform” us from a free and independent people to an enslaved, dependent group of peasants. The fate of our Republic is being sealed before our eyes. It is our responsibility to do our part to save our freedom, our Constitution and our Republic. We have the ability to restore individual freedom, liberty and independence. “We the People” must not allow ourselves to be enslaved by a despotic governing body.

Ariel Durant summed it up perfectly when he said,

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”.

Up to this point Americans taxpayers have argued with our political ruling class without success because we compromise too easily. We can no longer travel down this path. Simply stated, we must to get rid of our “ruling” class and replace them with a “serving” class. The American Taxslaves will achieve this at the voting booths. Our politicians have steered us so far left of center that this generation has come to expect governments on all levels to give us what we need to survive. This is not independence; it more closely resembles dependence. We must put new leaders in office who are willing to make responsible decisions and vote on policies that protect the best interests of the taxpaying portion of American society. We can no longer allow ourselves to be held hostage by tax consuming government dependents and public employee unions who demand more and more of our earnings.

Government provided services cost taxpayers time, effort and money – all which are valuable. So, when someone gets something for “free” from the government, another person ultimately has to pay for it. As I stated earlier, government has no wealth of its own, only what it “legally” confiscates from one to give to another. Government provided handouts and bailouts must be stopped. Each of us must learn to rely on ourselves to satisfy our own needs. We must shift our mindset from thinking government should do it for us, to knowing that we can do it for ourselves. We do not need assistance from a big, economically oppressive government – we need them to get out of our way.

“We the People” are the only thing that stands between freedom and enslavement. Fear of further economic enslavement has opened my eyes. Now, I am making an attempt to lead the way and guide others down the path towards enlightenment. Homeowners and taxpayers have a great deal to lose. Doing nothing is not an option. We must stop our legislators from sneaking through legislation at the last minute without even reading the contents. This has become accepted and expected – even though it is in direct opposition to our best interests as a free nation. It is a shame that this type of political behavior has become acceptable. We must stand up for liberty and fight against the rise of Big Government and the resulting economic tyranny.

Most Americans show a lack of interest in the political process. This has jeopardized both our freedom and our liberty. We must rescue ourselves from the disaster of Big Government. Our salvation will come from a restoration of limited, responsible government and true individual freedom. We must take control of our own lives and liberate ourselves from dependence on a ruling class. Citizens elect leaders to make decisions on their behalf, and, unfortunately, their power over our pockets is growing. Politicians have developed an addiction to spending what “We the Taxslaves” earn. Rather than develop real solutions to problems, they have become the problem. Many legislators and government officials work full-time to find ways to make the American people part with their hard earned income. This is not about money – it is about what we need to maintain our lives free from the fear of economic struggle. Many Americans are struggling to get by each day. Despite this, more and more is being asked of us each day. It is time to cancel the blank check and close the Bank of The Taxslaves. If we are going to survive we will have to curb government’s appetite for our tax dollars. First, we need to curb our own appetites and become responsible for our own needs.

Individual responsibility, personal accountability, courage and freedom are all characteristics that have made America a great nation. It is too far into the American experiment to collapse under the pressure of self-government. We cannot cower down and accept things as they are just because we don’t want to get involved in politics. Courage in the face of danger and a spirit of achievement is what made America what it is today. Revolution is good if it is waged against those who seek to oppress the minds of men. Political awareness combined with action is what will keep us free from tyranny. We need to get our elected officials on the same page as us so that we can put this creepy chapter of American history behind us. It is time to start a new chapter – one that restores limited, self-government under the “Consent of the governed”.

In order fort this resurrection of America to take place, the “governed” must understand how our political system was intended to work – and, more importantly, understand that we have a responsibility to elect men and women who will protect freedom at any cost. We cannot allow politics to remain a popularity contest. Some people have no business voting in elections, because they do not understand what a Republic is. The election process must not be used as a tool to negotiate the most out of what government can do for us. American citizens must take the time to understand that liberty is easily lost. “We the People” are the only true protectors of our own fate. Infuse yourselves with knowledge – because reality will eventually shine through political deception.

When Americans rise up and fight against the newest form of economic tyranny, we will liberate ourselves from political enslavement. Cowards cannot preserve a free existence. Revolution will not require physical violence towards our ruling class. It simply requires that you openly speak your mind and work to change the current system of political malpractice that is “comfortably” in place. All Americans must work together in the pursuit of liberty. The most destitute among us – those who live off “the system”, will become angry. They are the people who, in the long term, have the most to gain from the political “destruction” of our oppressive ruling class.

America is facing a crisis – the demise of Constitutional rule of law. We cannot allow our legislators to turn a blind eye to the Constitution. Legislators, judges and politicians are playing a political game at our expense. I know that I am not a free man- I am a Tax Slave. Why do members of our ruling class have the legislative authority to determine what percent of our “hard work” we will get to keep? These people must be held accountable for this form of legal extortion.

It is your duty to start paying attention to what is going in Washington, but more importantly, you must begin paying attention to your own City Hall. How many of us actually have real relationships with our local representatives? Our senators and congressmen have become celebrities to us – simply because we see them on television. They have become celebrities to themselves. Our rulers are out of touch. They are not reachable by the average citizen unless it is campaign season. Can the average non-politically active citizen get in the ear of their locally elected officials? The answer is no. I am willing to bet that if one million enthusiastic American Taxslaves plant themselves at the foot of the White House steps, our rulers will pay close attention. This is what will get us back on track.

American taxpayers have become pawns in a game that is being played by our rulers. The shame falls on us for allowing this to happen. We must become men and women who are in control of our own economic destiny. I will never apologize for vilifying politicians. Our rulers have damned themselves by their own treasonous actions. Their social programs are destructive to the taxpaying portion of society.

Our rulers have put themselves in a state of war with the American Taxslaves.

The American Republic is facing a real threat, and too few of us are paying attention. Taxpayers must take bold and decisive action to combat the threat of Big Government. We have become subjects to an unapologetic ruling class.

Our political “leaders” have created a false image of a free society – our freedom is an illusion. We are not living as free men. Yes we can come and go as we please to the store or on vacation and move around freely. However, when it comes to the cornerstone of freedom – home ownership – we are on the hook for a boatload of money through enslaving property taxes.

Americans work, save and sacrifice to become homeowners. In the process massive debt is incurred by way of interest on mortgage loans and other associated costs. Once the “American Dream” of homeownership is realized we are forced to pay “rent” on our own property. Property tax is equivalent to rent on our own home. Property tax is the most oppressive form of taxation. The political ruling class has abandoned the American taxpayers. We have been left to fend for ourselves with the scraps that are left after they have taken their “fair” share. Taxpayers are hungry and do not want scraps. We do not need handouts – we simply need the government-imposed extortion to stop. American taxpayers want to be left alone – so that we can keep the majority of our earnings. We have the ability to take care of our families, our communities, and ourselves. Each of us must tend to our own needs.

Once we are financially secure, we will be charitable.

Unfortunately for the American taxpayers, we cannot get a divorce from Big Government. I believe that the time for separation us upon us.

It is time to divorce Big Government – they are already taking half, so what else do we have to lose?

Each one of us must work hard and prepare for a difficult fight so that we can enjoy the financial safety and economic security that will come.

We send terrorists to prison and the Tax Terrorists are sent to serve in political office. It is time to come to our senses. Politicians must not be allowed to conceal their intentions and sneak in legislation that is detrimental to taxpayers. It sickens me to know that members of our spineless political class rely on poll results to determine where they should stand on important issues. Unfortunately, we are so busy paying taxes that we are not paying attention. Let me simplify this for any politicians that might be reading this – Say what you believe, uphold your promises and let us decide if you are worthy of serving the best interests of “We the People”.

Concealed intentions must be banned from politics. Our elected officials, along with taxpayers must work to reduce the cost of Big Government. The value of America is not only measured in dollars, but also more importantly, the value in weight of self-determination.

America has been the cornerstone of freedom and success. America is great because of what past generations have achieved in the face of great challenges. Americans have endured and fought past many complicated struggles.

Many Americans are under the false illusion that success is guaranteed. Sadly, success is not guaranteed, only the ability to try is certain. We always see movies and hear stories about the little guy who beat all of the odds and achieved impressive success (The movie “Rudy” still brings a tear to my eyes). We must keep in mind that for every success story there are plenty of unhappy endings. Life cannot and does not always play out like an Oscar winning movie. Despite this fact, we still strive to be the best that we can be. Lately our attitude has shifted to expect success instead of working for it. We want our needs fulfilled by government. We want things handed to us simply because we are American and because of that we think we deserve it. This mentality has created a generation of dependents that do not try hard enough to achieve realistic goals. This is disgraceful.

It is essential that all Americans work hard to restore the ideals of personal responsibility and accountability. These are the true foundation of freedom, liberty, and independence. Too many of us have become “wanters” and “expectors”. The majority of Americans are no longer dreamers and explorers. Instead we demand that government hand things over to us simply because we exist. This is not the American way. The American dream is not guaranteed, only the opportunity to achieve it through sacrifice and hard work is. If you are a tax consumer (social program recipient or government employee), remember that what you are “given” is being provided at the expense of someone else. Your hard working neighbors are paying for your “free ride – so stop expecting more and more. Taxpayers are “sacrificing” more and more of their earnings each year, so my message to tax consumers is this; leave the system of Big Government. Union protection will not protect you from your neighbors once they realize that you are the cause for their economic hardships. Public employee unions are hurting homeowners through the massive taxes needed to fund their sweetheart pensions and life-long benefits.

I have a warning for all tax consumers – because of you, our country is dying a little more each day, and as a result, you are becoming the fuel behind our revolution.

Government would rather forcibly confiscate more and more from taxpayers instead of setting an example by making necessary cuts. Revolution is indeed brewing. As a result of political recklessness, revolution is once again threatening the political class of these United States. This is the natural course of action. America is no longer a Representative Republic. We more closely resemble a monarchy. The American people have become subjects to a political ruling class that dictates what we get to keep and decides what is confiscated for redistribution.

It does not take a genius to govern – all it takes it takes an honest person.
We are left with one option – a Taxslaves Revolution

Kurt Colucci

New Rochelle, NY

Our 18 year old voted for the first time. The first vote of her life was for Robert Cox!