CROWDSOURCING: Need some help with City of New Rochelle Records on Ferris Creek Survey from 1951


A reader sent this along without explanation of any significance although it appears to apply to Echo Bay development or maybe the Con Edison acquisition of land. Perhaps something else. If you have any ideas let me know.

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October 15, 1951

"We have been advised by a letter dated September 13, 1951 from W.J. Henk, Senior Civil Engineer of the Department of Public Works, State of New York to the Corporation Counsel, that the survey maps and description, and the application of the City of New Rochelle for a grant of land under the waters of Echo Bay in the City of New Rochelle, were completed by the State at a total cost of $896.25. As our original deposit with the state totaled $250.00, an additional payment by the city of $646.26 is due the State. It is also noted that the cost of title searches in regard to this matter will total about $100.00. Therefore, it is requested that an appropriation of $746.26 be authorized and that $646.26 of this sum be forwarded to the State of New York so that they may clear their records concerning our application for granting land under the waters of Ferris Creek, and that $100.00 be made available to the Corporation Counsel for title searches."
October 9, 1951
Approved. Recommend transfer of $746.26 from the Contingent Fund to Account 129--Undistributed Expenses--Ferris Creek Survey.

City Manager

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