Dear Blabby: Is the Post Road Veterinary Hospital one of the Oldest Buildings in New Rochelle?

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Dear Blabby: Is the Post Road Veterinary Hospital one of the Oldest Buildings in New Rochelle?

July 11, 2013 - 14:27

Post Road Vet HospitalA reader writes:

Dear Blabby:

The Post Road Veterinary Hospital (established in 1976) at 41 East Main Street has closed and will be demolished to make way for a car dealership parking lot. This small building is a very odd shape, and I heard it is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Could you shed some light on the history of this building before it gets hit by the wrecking ball?


A History Buff.

There is no one better to ask this sort of question that New Rochelle Historian Barbara Davis. I asked her look into the question.

"According to the Assessor’s Office records, the building was constructed c. 1932 as a bar and grill," said Davis.

She learned that the current small building in the front was attached to a lunch wagon that extended to the right side of the building

"It was called the Sun Haven Grill," said Davis. She noted that the lunch wagon had been manufactured just down the street at P.J. Tierney’s factory.

According to Davis, the lunch wagon was removed in 1937. The veterinarian hospital opened in 1944.

So, while mildly interesting there is no particular historic significance to the building. It is certainly not one of the oldest buildings in New Rochelle.

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It is unfortunate that the East End has been taken over by car dealerships. The Sun Haven Association has been watching this very carefully. We understand that Honda is trying to purchase the next property belonging to Golden Rod Restaurant. We are poised and ready to prevent another debacle like the one we had and still have with Pepe Mercedes.

Honda has proven to be a blight on our neighborhood, completely ignoring all parking and traffic regulations set by the city.

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I can confirm that the vet hospital will be torn down in short order; Honda will use it as a parking lot.

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I have absolutely no idea why THIS story has been then #1 story since posted last week but as for now (Mon. July 15 10 AM) it has over 3,000 "reads".

I would appreciate any theory as to why this story would get such attention?

That is kind of amazing.

My own guess is of a combination of two things.

Readers of TOTS are interested in the history of New Rochelle, and this article answered the question as to whether Post Road Veterinary Hospital is one of the Oldest Buildings in New Rochelle.

I was suprised that question was asked, as that building doesn't look all that old (because it is not), but also because there actually are a number of very old buildings in New Rochelle.

Another possibility is that Post Road Veterinary Hospital is very popular with owners of dogs and cats. I brought my cat there twice last year, once for 'fixing', and once for boarding while I was on vacation. I was quite pleased with my experiences there.


I have no idea why so many are reading this article. I only hope that if East End people are the majority of readers, they get involved in reading all articles about the Echo Bay project.

That development is moving very quickly during the summer months as was predicted at the recent association meeting.

Thank you for keeping the citizens of New Rochelle informed. It is quite obvious, city hall would rather keep us in the dark.

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Now things are getting ridiculous. 7,000 reads?

It’s the many developers that think this is prime waterfront property. The building would make a great fish taco stand with kayak rentals for the shore line. It is water front; you can see the entrance for Premium Point from there

I'll miss it. Took my cats there many times. Anyone know if they relocated?