Demolition of Bell Tower - Photos

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Demolition of Bell Tower - Photos

August 16, 2010 - 03:22

The Journal News reported that the city council voted on awarding a contract in the demolition of the bell tower of the former church next to the New Rochelle police station.

I had read the article last week, but was still stunned to see the building today as I drove north on North.

NorthAveChurch BellTower03

NorthAveChurch BellTower02

It is a lovely old stone building and is sad to see its decline. I remember discussions of making it a black history museum (not enough parking) and more recently opening up the building for public bidders to renovate and lease. I remember peeking into a window and seeing stored bicycles there.

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This shows what happens to buildings and structures when the owner is the City of New Rochelle. If you cannot maintain them market the buildings and SELL them (not give them away)

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