Detective Raymond Andolina Receives New Rochelle Police Commissioner's Award

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Detective Raymond Andolina Receives New Rochelle Police Commissioner's Award

June 21, 2012 - 08:52

RaymondAndolinaDetective Raymond Andolina was appointed to the Department in August 1996, and is currently assigned to the Police Services Division PACT Unit as a Youth Officer. He is the recipient of the Police Commissioner's Award, two Class C Citations, four Commendation Awards and was also the recipient of the Department's Problem Solver of the Year Award in 2003. Detective Andolina also serves as the Department liaison to both the New Rochelle Youth Court and Drug Court. On March 21, 2011 a Pinebrook Boulevard homeowner reported a burglary in progress, and provided a description of the getaway vehicle. Detective Andolina joined the search, and observed the vehicle on Fifth Avenue. After a brief vehicle and foot pursuit, Detective Andolina was able to apprehend a suspect. Assisting officers were able to take three other suspects into custody, and the proceeds of the burglary were recovered. As a result of his professional and exemplary body of work, Detective Raymond Andolina was designated Officer of the Month for March 2011.

Each year, as part of National Police Week each May, the City of New Rochelle acknowledges outstanding police officers and units. The 2012 New Rochelle Police Department Awards Ceremony was held at the Greentree County Club on May 16th.

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good job, Detective Andolina. I remember this and I'm glad there are men like this on the street catching these bad guys.

How can we treat our first providers as first casualties of mismanaged budget processes. Surely, there are union contractual excesses, but that can work out via negotiations. What cannot be negotiated is their place in the community and the gratitude we owe them for protecting and preserving our families and selves under less than ideal circumstances.

A good time to remember them is the moment we are in and well done award winners. My personal shout outs to Detective Spinner who has made Mayflower Avenue proud as well as Fireman Keven Thomas, who suffered serious burns not so long ago and many of you might remember him as a first class security staff member in the school district.