Do You Support Barnard School Having Armed Security?

Submitted by MrTalk on Wed, 01/16/2013 - 13:44
23% (35 votes)
48% (72 votes)
Expand Armed Security to Every School
28% (42 votes)
Total votes: 149

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Let us get this straight. In other posted columns, you are suggesting three security guards may have fornicated with students and their boss may have pushed the envelope on pension related transactions. Actions that probably or possibly constituted crimes? And you are polling to see whether security guards should be armed around kids? Trust them? It's a no brainer.

It doesn't mean that existing security guards have to now be armed. It means that we can replace them either with trained armed security teams or existing police force. I think all security for our schools should have a back round check EVERY year before school starts. I have a job that takes me to many schools every week and unfortunately not much has changed at the front doors of many of the schools we trust our kids to.