Don't Tread On Me

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Don't Tread On Me

March 28, 2013 - 01:00

The Yellow Flag placed at the New Rochelle Armory is not a symbol of any political party. It flew during the American revolution as a message against an oppressive British government and as a symbol of those who were willing to put their lives on the line for our freedom from an oppressive king.

Here in New Rochelle, in America, we are witnessing an oppressive act in ordering the removal of a historical symbol of freedom under the guise that it is somehow a political symbol.

Did New Rochelle's Mayor, one who is seeking the nomination to run for Westchester County Executive put the agenda of a few bleeding heart liberals before a symbol of American freedom and the honor of America's veterans? Veterans who put their live's on the line for all of us, regardless of our political affiliation.

Did this Mayor cave to the political agenda of a few of his liberal friends and take the same position that an oppressive British government once took against freedom seeking Americans in ordering the removal of the same symbol of American Freedom.

Does this Mayor mistakingly have the same false sense of political security that the recent Mayor and trustees in neighboring Pelham Village had before they were recently replaced in a landslide election due their headstrong and oppressive bully tactics?

This historical symbol of American freedom must be put back on the Armory flagpole where it flew for our freedom and represented every American Patriot who ever stood against oppression here and throughout the world, making us all safer and prouder.

The removal of this historical symbol of American conviction to be free represents the slipping away of our freedom as Americans. If this act of oppression is tolerated, what will be next to go? The Constitution itself or the Bill of Rights? Shall we no longer honor those who stood and fought for our freedom and the died for our right to fly the flags that represent our core values as Americans.