Double Dose of Talk of the Sound Radio Tonight: Cox Guest Appearance on WVOX at 6 PM and Cox on BTR at 7 PM


SuperBowl42 062A quick programming note.

UPDATE: I was informed tonight by Station Manager Don Stevens that I am not allowed on the air at WVOX so I did not appear with Steve.

I have been invited to appear as a guest tonight on Steve Mayo's radio show on WVOX at 6 PM then running back to host my own show on Blog Talk Radio at 7 PM. Matthew Pryce is back co-hosting Talk of the Sound Radio. We will end at 8 pm and turn things over to friends of Talk of the Sound Bruce Negrin at 8 PM back on WVOX.

WVOX Morning Show Host Breaks with Mayor on Reality of New Rochelle Crime

New York State Thruway Authority Will Severely Disrupt Area Around New Rochelle Train Station for 18 Months Starting in May

New Rochelle School Budget Season Begins Tonight

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Bruce K Negrin on Thu, 02/16/2012 - 22:30

NRNV will cover off the city council meeting and the upcoming transportation nightmare that will be North Ave and how the Administration (not council) does not get it