Downtown Parking Fees

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Downtown Parking Fees

October 19, 2011 - 00:12

Who was the brilliant person on the City Council or in city government who proposed to raise the meter rates 100% and make the meters on Main St. and city parking lots effective until 12 mid. ?

Talk about sticking it to the residents and visitors, this was truly a brutal display of a local government gone wild.

Restaurants, bars and any other businesses that stay open beyond 6 PM are going to suffer.

Don't the City Fathers (I use that term loosely) stay tuned to other places in the County that have done this (notably White Plains) and have received justified criticism from everyone?

Unfriendly and totally blind to residents and visitors alike. Is this what we want our city to be noted for? Shame, shame.

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Tony the lots are 24/6 except sundays and holidays. ALL of council voted for this except St.paul i think. The council said they spoke with owners who favor this idea i would like to know which ones.Because every owner i speak to has no idea whats going on.Great way to drive business right out of this city.

I would stop to get a cup coffee at Kaffeine's on Division st, but no more i figure out that D&D and micky Dee's has free parking. I used to go to Starlite diner on main st 4 days a week with 3 of my workers but no more, Why? free parking at shore rd cafe or Harbour House Coffee Shop in Larchmont.

Its about as friendly as having to feed the meter to run inside city hall & pay your taxes, but city hall just doesn't get it.

Instead of taking in more money from parking meters, why not reduce/cut some expense? Just another way to solve the same problem, but unfortunately our leaders don't ever cut spending, its always spend more, spend more.

Again city hall never listens to the business owners and the residents who work and live in the downtown. City Hall says that business owners are complaining? Who which ones every owner i spoke with has no idea what i'm talking about. There all in shock when i tell them the street meters are going to be enforced till midnight. There even more surprised when i tell them the rates in the 3 lots in the downtown are going up 100%.Could you even dream of raising your prices 100% in a double dip recession? Only in New Rochelle people are just getting by now every nickel counts and what does New Rochelle do they chase business out and they don't give a damm.