Enough is enough

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Enough is enough

March 02, 2013 - 01:04

It's finally refreshing to see that the hard working citizens and city council of this fine city are realizing the Mayor has had and does not have a vision for the future of this community. He has neglected for to long that the city is located on the Long Island Sound with several major transportation routes running through it. It was once a city with thriving entertainment, shopping and a place to enjoy and feel safe. As he drives to and from work everyday he fails to drive south of Lincoln Ave, our downtown. There are no quality stores open for people to shop in, too many 99 cent stores and a house of worship storefront on every corner. Enough is enough! Stop giving away this city to professional baseball players who can afford to purchase a building for more than a dollar so we can use the tax money to fix our roads, pay our emergency responders and make this city what it once was! Home!

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We have over one hundred empty retail locations all over town, including the North End . The Mayor does not want to see what has become of his town.

but it's filled with criminals and filth from the bronx and queens. The mayor and his cronies should change the name of the town to Mount Rochelle.

Which downtown New Rochelle is that?

Did you see downtown New Rochelle in the 1950s?

Did you see downtown New Rochelle in the 1960s?

Downtown New Rochelle is now a sewer, thanks to pre-Idoni I, Idoni I, and Idoni II.

Before you all get too excited congratulating the citizens of New Rochelle for defeating the lame duck Mayor on one of his underhanded boondoggles, try waiting until all the sewer stores have been emptied and middle to upscale retail stores and restaurants are moving in.

I won't hold my breath.

Rumor has it that Texas Roadhouse has rented out 8,600 square feet at the upscale Trump Plaza. NR Property Portal shows numerous permits being applied for.

Does anyone have confirmation on this huge establishment taking over the first floor of this luxury high rise?

Could it be true that the NR BID has captured a big chain restaurant downtown?

If this is true, then it would be another colossal failure for Noam Bramson and his bid cronies. Texas Roadhouse is not a good restaurant and big chains mean tax abatements and we don't want them anymore. Mount Rochelle is going lower and lower every day.

Regardless of what type of restaurant is coming in, my real concern is that we are not hearing about the opening of an almost 9,000 sq ft restaurant in our downtown area. This may be the largest establishment in town.

Why is no one talking about this? Could it be Texas Roadhouse and the BID are concerned that Trump Plaza residents will have to walk over discarded peanut shells to get to their million dollar condos?

We should be jumping for joy that a big restaurant is coming to town and will provide jobs and taxes, but no one is saying a word. Is it Texas Roadhouse or something else?

Meeting next week March 19th, agenda item #2:

ITEM # 2 — 2.1
PB 4-13 Application by New Roc Parcel 1A Retail, LLC, Owner for an amendment to a previously approved site plan (PB 8-07/Res. No. 42-2007) for the construction of a new 8,657 SF restaurant on the ground floor including exterior facade improvements, signage and interior renovation and space fit out located at 175 Huguenot Street, Block 239, Lot 1B in a DMU zoned district.

Ah, the silence.

Over 300 people have read about Texas Roadhouse coming to Trump Plaza and not a word.

Landlords in the vicinity of Trump Plaza received legal notice today of Texas Roadhouse coming to the neighborhood. Official plans for the locale are available at city hall for our review, by appointment only, of course.

Heading over to the BID board meeting to see if our new neighbors are being introduced.... or just more silence.