Explosion and Fire ar 572 North Avenue New Rochelle


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- New Rochelle Firefighters responded to a report of of an explosion at 572 North Avenue, near Coligini/Fifth Avenue. The location is the Cosinita Restaurant, across from the Gulf Service Station.

One person was injured, the son of the owner.

According to NRFD officials, the explosion appeared to be an aerosol can containing insulation foam. The can heated up as the result of what may have been an electrical fire. Removed from the building and placed on the street were a variety of electrical devices including an XBOX, a Playstation, a DJ console and what may have been an iron.

The incident began when the fire and police department started to receive calls of some type of a explosion around 1:15 p.m. Police requested ambulances for for multiple injuries. NRPD closed off streets in the area. Roads between North Avenue from Hamilton to Mayflower were closed for about an hour.


UPDATE 1:35 PM: Heavy smoke from building fire department still searching for fire. Two people injured with smoke inhalation.

UPDATE 1:43 PM 2302 reporting main body of fire knocked down requesting Con Edison gas and electric and the Westchester County Board Of Health.

UPDATE 2:00 PM One person taken to Montifiore/Sound Shore Medical Center for smoke inhalation and hand injury. Fire crews starting clean up Con Edison on scene.

UPDATE 2:07 PM Explosion heard was a aerosol can of liquid foam fire was electric in type. Fire department removed a 40 gallon propane tank fire chief said if that went it would be a big problem. All units returning to service.

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