Fallen Tree in Residence Park Stumps Local Officials in New Rochelle

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Fallen Tree in Residence Park Stumps Local Officials in New Rochelle

August 31, 2011 - 01:53


Every cop, firefighter, DPW supervisor, elected official and Con Ed worker agrees. The tree at 22 Laurel Place needs to come down.

A city tree in the Residence Park section of New Rochelle, NY fell Sunday at about 5 PM, as high winds kicked up on the back end of what was Hurricane Irene, shutting off power to the residence. New Rochelle Firemen and Police officers responded. They looked the tree over and saw it was being supported by a triple combo of another tree, walkway and live electrical wires, Clearly, the all agreed, it should come down. They called it in and the section was yellow taped roped off.

On Monday, Joe from DPW was visiting his sister on Liberty Avenue. He happened upon the yellow tape. Not knowing anything about it, he dutifully radioed it in. Talking to the homeowner, he agreed the tree needed to come down. Later that day Michael Duffy, a Con Edison supervisor from Manhattan meandered up and looked at the tree.

"That tree needs to come down", he said. Then he left. The tree remained.

Messages left with Con Ed's voice mail resulted in a call back saying that maybe they would get it fixed by Thursday at 11:59 PM.

Another night came and went in total darkness. Tuesday morning gas piping was drilled into across from 33 Laurel and a cone left on top. A few hours later assessors from West Virginia, working for ConEd, came by to take a look at the tree.

"Sure enough, that tree needs to come down", said one of the men. They left, the tree remained.

The Mayor of New Rochelle spoke to the homeowners about the tree. He said he did not know anything about it but accepted an invitation to come down and look at the tree. The Mayor came with City representative and a worker from ConEd. After pondering the tree for a good while, they all declared "the tree must come down". Then they left.


Council Member Lou Trangucci came back towards the end of the day to inquire about the tree. He said he would check back in the morning to see whether the tree had been taken down.

Another night, more darkness but the tree that must come down still remains.

Stay tuned for what tomorrow may bring.

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Well, considering that the tree is hanging over MY house. I would like to know that my family will be safe. At the moment, the tree is still "standing" and being help up by the wires.... but lets just say that the tree becomes just too heavy to hold the tree. This could be catastrophic. My family is in danger! ( not to mention we have 2 small children) This clearly is a tree that requires immediate attention. As, "they" all say, "this tree needs to come down"... This is ridiculous. A tree of this size and circumstance should be on a PRIORITY list of repair! I am saddened and annoyed at all our hierarchy "members"... Thanks for being so aloof! clearly you could care less who lives in that house... or who's family you are inconveniencing! Thanks for nothing. .... BTW- We pay our taxes!

you kidding me not on pine brook blvd bramson road was open after 4 trees fell on it there power never gone and kinda funny Nita Lowey and crew mention Noam

We've had some progress with a tree trimming truck stopping by at 5am to shine a spotlight at the tree. He didn't stay long enough for me to ask his opinion regarding the tree. I'll assume he thinks the tree needs to come down. As of 2am, yes 2am there has been a representative of ConEd sitting in his personal vehicle watching the tree. When asked he said the tree needs to come down. What makes him different though from all of the rest is he hasn't left.......yet.

I bet Bramson used the full depth of that Harvard Education to come to that conclusion.
Strome may come over next I bet you get a fine for uneven sidewalks just prior to hearing DPW and some Chain saws. Only in New Rochelle.

The tree is down. I repeat the tree is down thanks to Lewis Tree Care hired by ConEd and Manor Tree Care hired by the city. Lewis Tree Care came around 10am and after saying the tree has to come down they got in their cherrypicker and proceeded to take the tree down. When the tree was cut, so wires were freed, ConEd resumed power to the street. As I write this Manor tree is here with a woodchipper and doing the cleanup. Hopefully they will follow through and finish the job removing all traces of the tree but at this point it might be askng a lot. The tree is not going to fall on 22 Laurel and power has been restored. Oh its good to live in New Ro once again! Kudos to whomever singular or plural who got this done.

Robert Cox's picture

Good news.

Of course, I am not sure why I am applauding. I still have a tree on MY roof!