A Few Thoughts on the Marisa Anton Pirate Hat Photo and Sexual Dysfunction

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A Few Thoughts on the Marisa Anton Pirate Hat Photo and Sexual Dysfunction

June 01, 2012 - 14:47

MarisaAntonThe photo accompanying Talk of the Sound's exclusive report on the arrest of Marisa Anton was taken from her Twitter Profile page. It is safe to say that psychologists could have a field day with Anton's decision to associate this particular image with her Twitter account.

I don't think you need a degree to observe some of the more obvious points.

In the photo we see Anton, an attractive blonde woman in her early thirties, smiling mischievously for the camera. She is wearing a skimpy purple t-shirt which reveals her shoulder and bare arms. On her head is a black hat with a colorful circle in the center. There is a strap extending from behind her neck, down the front of her body, between her breasts. She is holding up her right hand. Between her thumb and forefinger she is squeezing, not holding, a thin black object. She is posing before a partially covered sign where the letters "Mem" and "On" are visible.

The sign likely reads "Cast Members Only". The black hat is a pirate hat. The colorful circle is an image of Captain Hook as depicted in the 1953 Disney animated-film Peter Pan. All of which suggest this is a photo of Anton taken at a Disney-theme park. It is worth pointing out that Anton is divorced with no children and is currently living with her parents since being released following her arrest.

In the image on the hat, Captain Hook is also smiling mischievously, holding up the prosthetic part which gives the character his name, a thin silver object. The black object in her hand is likely a sheath for a toy sword. The color purple is the school color for New Rochelle High School.

There are library shelves devoted to the sexual and psychological metaphors embedded in J.M. Barrie's 1904 play Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. You do not need an advanced degree, however, to understand the symbolism of the sheathed sword pressed between thumb and finger or the curved hook which replaced Captain Hook's hand after Peter Pan cut it off.

It is interesting to note that Peter Pan is typically cast with an actress playing the part and that the role of Captain Hook is typically cast as a man. In the photo, Anton is associating herself with the Hook character suggesting a form of gender role-reversal. In the story, Peter Pan, a symbol of youth, is chased every day by Captain Hook, an adult who envies Peter's carefree nature.

There are near-infinite interpretations of Peter Pan, Hook and their application to this particular photo but many of them revolve around sexual dysfunction, fear of adulthood, envy of childhood, pedophilia (or more properly, a role-reversed pederasty), and many other disturbing factors which resonate with the photo, the story of Peter Pan, the case against Marisa Anton, and the news yesterday that she is moving back in with her parents while awaiting trial.


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I am shocked that such an outlandish amateur analysis is being offered based on a single Twitter photo, ascertained to be the symbol of a rather tragic and unfortunate event, that is still under review by the authorities and the DA's office.

I think it is quite trivial to offer an analysis, and render a verdict on one's character based on a Twitter photo. Might I suggest that her shirt is proper, and typical women's attire, particularly for Orlando, Florida's balmy temperatures. And might I add that Disney is the happiest place on earth, hence the child like smile, that is part and parcel for many children and adults visiting the theme park.

That being said, her alleged behavior is nothing short of immoral and deplorable. At least at face value (meaning, let the courts decide before passing judgement.

Robert Cox's picture

Sheesh, where to begin...

In case you had not noticed, the "event" is not "under review".

Anton has been arrested and charged with a felony sex crime based on numerous documents including emails and text messages and what police believe to be nude images of herself -- sent over a period of months. She arrived at the kid's house with condoms after repeatedly seeking to have sex with him and believing herself on the way to accomplishing that.

I was not aware that the public must wait until after a court case is completed before forming an opinion especially under such circumstances.

BTW, her behavior is not alleged. That her behavior constituted a crime has been alleged.

Other than that you have a good point.

I think at face value this whole thing can kind of follow the "if it quacks like a duck...". But I am simply advocating for the defendant to get a fair shake with the legal system, and for all of the details to come to the surface.

If your analysis was on the nature of her Twitter picture was meant more in a comedic vein, then I suppose a LMFAO is due.

I agree. Let this girl have her day in court. There is no need to psychoanalyze her based on a photo. Let her get the help she needs and try to become a productive member of society again.

Robert Cox's picture

First, I am commenting on the photo itself not psychoanalyzing her.

Second, why not? What does commenting on the photo have to do with her having her day in court. I fail to see the connection.

There seems to be this idea that the presumption of innocence applies to every person at all times. It doesn't. Not even close.

The "presumption of innocence" or "innocent until proven guilty" is a principle that is applied as a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial. Talk of the Sound is not a court room and we are not jurors.

We are free to form our own opinions and express them as such. This is a principle that is applied here on Talk of the Sound. You will alway find me vigorously opposing the notion that anyone has the authority to tell other people what to think or whether they are allowed to think it.

If you disagree with the analysis, fine. Just don't set yourself up as the arbiter of what topics are up for discussion and which are off limits. I would direct you to the name of the web site. It begins with the word "talk" for a reason.

It amazes me that you are allowed to blog on this site. Do these not get reviewed? Given your recent ignorant article about the Rabadi video I decided to look back at your other articles and stumbled upon this. I have to admit you must be very creative to make these crazy connections, still idiotic, but creative.