Forest City Residential "Invoice" to City of New Rochelle for Echo Bay Project


Forest City Residential has withdrawn their "Invoice" to City of New Rochelle for Echo Bay Project but we have obtained a copy of the spreadsheet attached to the "Demand Letter" first reported by Talk of the Sound on February 10th:

Forest City threatens City of New Rochelle with Lawsuit over failed Echo Bay project

Forest City has sent the City of New Rochelle a Demand Letter for $2 million in connection with the failed Echo Bay project.

The letter claims that Forest City spent roughly $3 million on legal, consulting and lobbying fees in connection with the project.

UPDATE 2/10 8:10 PM FC-DemandLetter-2014-02.pdf [This is the letter, still working to get the attached spreadsheet]

We finally got the spreadsheet (it was held up by the City of New Rochelle's new Corporation Counsel as he evaluated whether the document could be released as a public record; it became moot once the demand in the Demand Letter was dropped).

Forest City Demand Letter Invoice

As you can see, the copy we received was of poor quality, and using OCR technology to convert to an Excel spreadsheet was out of the question. So, my son graciously agreed to enter all of the data by hand (if you find any errors let me know but the TOTALS checksum with the FINAL TOTAL).

Here is the spreadsheet which you can download:

Forest City Dev Costs.xlsx

Here are the totals broken down by category:

Screen Shot 2014 03 10 at 7 42 50 PM

Here are the total aggregated by company:

Screen Shot 2014 03 10 at 7 41 59 PM a

When you cull out the information, there are three companies getting the majority of the money in the demand letter:

Screen Shot 2014 03 10 at 7 41 59 PM

All three of these companies were Bramson donors in the Westchester County Executive Race in 2013.

Others on the list also donated. Of course, the Ratner family donated along with other "FC companies".

As always, readers are free to draw their own conclusions.

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