Former New Rochelle Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro Abruptly Quits Job in City of Newburgh

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Former New Rochelle Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro Abruptly Quits Job in City of Newburgh

November 30, 2010 - 20:34

FEA6DF35-28C9-4A83-851D-471E89BF573C.jpgThe Times-Herald Record is reporting that former New Rochelle Corporation Counsel has quit her job as the lawyer for the City of Newburgh, NY in Orange County

The paper reports she announced her resignation abruptly without giving a reason.

Mayor Nicholas Valentine said Nelson wrote in the note it had been a pleasure working for the city and her last day would be in two weeks. Valentine said he had no prior warning and didn't know what prompted the resignation.

UPDATE: The Times-Herald Record has an update.

Workload drives out Newburgh's corporation counsel

Corporation Counsel Bernis Nelson announced her resignation in a note sent on Monday to the city clerk and acting city manager. Nelson said Tuesday in a phone interview that the long hours, month after month, convinced her to return to private practice.

"I am 58," Nelson said. "I have a husband and a mother and other things, and it has just become too much."

UPDATE: Newburgh Discussion Board has some thoughts.

They liked NRinfo's comment.


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No surprise in the Bernis was a my way or the highway employee who has a record of taking the highway out of town when she can't be in control. She will always be a control freak, the only reason she lasted so long in New Rochelle is because we sweep things under the rug and only take decisive action when push comes to shove. Remember she took refuge in her office and "negotiated" a hefty retirement package agreement before "resigning". Both communities are better off without her.

Hey Mr. Cox, who the heck is this "Nelson" that Mayor Valentine refers to? Is is Shapiro's alias or what?

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I asked this very question earlier this year:

The legal directory web site linked from the Silverberg Zalantis uses the name Bernis E. Nelson (maybe a reader can explain why).

Bernis E. Nelson is of counsel to Silverberg Zalantis LLP. Most recently, she served as Corporation Counsel of the City of New Rochelle for 12 years. Bernis started her career with the City of Peekskill where among other planning, zoning, legislative, prosecution, and defense responsibilities, she handled the documentation and closings for the major HUD and IDA funded industrial, commercial, and residential redevelopment projects. She additionally served in the private sector for 10 years, handling complex planning, zoning, landlord tenant, and estates matters.