Former New Rochelle DPW Fleet Manager Sentenced to 5 Years Probation

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Former New Rochelle DPW Fleet Manager Sentenced to 5 Years Probation

January 11, 2012 - 19:43


PROGRAMMING NOTE: The Fevang Case will be the topic of discussion on tonights Talk of the Sound radio show at 7 p.m. Listen by clicking the link to the right, call-in to sound off at 805-830-8302.

Richard Fevang. who was facing a 66-Count Indictment for Fraud related to his work as DPW Fleet Manager for the City of New Rochelle, was sentenced today to 5 years probation and time served (1 day) by Judge Robert A. Neary under an agreement negotiated with Judge Albert Lorenzo. Under the deal, Fevang plead guilty to Tampering with Public Records, a Class D Felony. Judge Neary also approved a permanent order of protection to stay away from the entire population of New Rochelle. Neary warned Fevang that any contact, on any form, direct or indirect, with anyone from New Rochelle would be a violation and could result in a separate prosecution.

"That's the last thing you need right now", said Judge Neary.

Neary accepted a recommendation from the Westchester County Probation Department for community service to be part of the probation. He ordered Fevang to perform 25 hours of community service each year for the next two years. Fevang was warned that he must complete a substance abuse program, that he was subject to random substance abuse testing, that his his home, vehicle or place of work could be searched at any time. Fevang may not possess any weapons and must pat $350 in costs.

Back in the fall, Fevang entered an unexpected guilty plea to the top count of tampering with public records on September 28, 2011 following his 66-Count indictment the previous June. The guilty plea ended a decade-long series of investigations into fraud by Fevang, first reported to the DA's office in 2001 by DPW mechanic Pat Papallardi and other municipal workers.

The recent investigation began after allegations against Fevang were first published on Talk of the Sound in 2009. New Rochelle City Council Member Louis Trangucci played a critical role in advancing the investigation when he delivered boxes of DPW invoices to Assistant District Attorney Brian Conway Deputy Chief of the Public Integrity Bureaus in early 2010.

"I am pleased that Mr. Fevang will pay for his crimes against the people of New Rochelle with this sentence" said Council Member Louis Trangucci.

Trangucci repeated his previous praise for Papallardi.

"I want to extend my sincere appreciation for Pat Papallardi who took the initiative to come forward with information that led to the 66-Count indictment against Fevang," said Trangucci. "Pat is an example of how one person can make a difference. I would hope his brave actions will inspire others to come forward knowing it is possible to have a positive outcome in a case like this.

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So that's the end of it? 

I knew this guy would walk.  Only in New Rochelle!

Idoni is considering a run against Astorino so I'm sure there were conversations with DA DiFiore to cop a plea. This dirtbag's problems go back to the Idoni administration who swept it under the rug. To those who say this is an isolated incident or there is no corruption in New Rochelle.... NOT!!!!!!

Idoni doesn't stand a chance against Astorino.  One look at the mess NRs in is all anyone needs to see,and it all started under Idoni or should I say Mr. Ikea. 

Unfreaking believable! Judge Robert A. Neary what the hell you doing? where's the 30 day min for this jackass! 66- Count indictment  not  0.66 ..... should of been 1day for each 66 then 5 year probation

  • "permanent order of protection to stay away from the entire population of New Rochelle"

Like he would come here to a crime ridden New Rochelle.


Crime may not pay but apparently in New Rochelle it does pay.

This is white colar crime and the citizens of New Rochelle were the ones harmed. How does this send a message to others that if they are caught with their hands in the Cookie Jar they will do hard time.

Where is the financial repayment. Without Favang doing real time behind bars the message is clear. Go ahead and rob the City Coffers blind because New Rochelle is interested in how things seem not how they are.

Ordering no contact with the citizenry of New Rochelle is a paper tiger. Fevang lives in the BRONX, he wouldn't be caught dead living in New Rochelle. Now it's time to see if Bramson, Strome and Carroll go after Fevang for raping taxpayers. Fevang received discounted marina charges, was charged a reduced fee reserved for New Rochelle residents, falsified documents by intentionally misrepresenting the length of his boat to pay less and Fevang was not charged the additional fee for remaining in dry-dock year round. Strome and Bramson will never perform an in-house investigation because it would reveal others involved in New Rochelle's corruption. Let's see if Strome prosecutes Fevang or if Fevang is let off the hook by Strome for an "honest mistake" like Procopio who got away with illegal STAR and Combat Veteran tax exemptions.

From the judge down, this smacks of political patronage but what else can we expect from a DA who switched political parties after being elected?

Judge Neary,Janet DiFiore and your office,you are disgraceful.To slap this man on the wrist with this joke of a sentence is a slap in the face of each and every taxpayer in town.No restitution? One day sentence? A JOKE! These are elected officials and I for one will remember this next time their names show up on a ballot,hopefully everyone else furious over this will too.What about his pension? I guess whatever benefits him most will be the case.Nice way to set up a nestegg for retirement.The city cant possibly be to bad of shape if they dont try to recoup stolen funds.The legal system is a big enough joke as it is,this just confirms it.If your somebody with juice,its a bump in the road,anyone else gets pulled through the wringer and squeezed by the system for every cent they have.25 hours of community service a year,come on,nobody but nobody walks out of this situation in better shape.Hopefully this will haunt you and you know what they say about kharma,hopefully it will be true for you and everyone affiliated with this miscarraige of justice.