Former New Rochelle Principal Under Investigation for Alleged Financial Improprieties

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Former New Rochelle Principal Under Investigation for Alleged Financial Improprieties

June 01, 2016 - 16:12
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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- An elementary school principal in New Rochelle unexpectedly resigned last week after being placed on administrative leave amidst allegations of financial improprieties, sources say.

"There is an ongoing investigation,” said Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne. “At the conclusion of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken.”

The allegations center on embezzlement of school funds.

Osborne said that Nunez was placed on leave. While on leave, she submitted a letter of resignation.

Nunez served as Assistant Principal under her predecessor as Principal, Dr. Yigal Joseph, who retired in 2012. Nunez served as Columbus principal for three years before being granted tenure in 2015.

Ken Levy, an educational consultant who was previously a teacher and principal in the New Rochelle school district will serve as interim Principal until a replacement can be hired.

The district informed the Columbus School Community after Talk of the Sound reported on Nunez’ abrupt departure.

To the Columbus School Community,

Starting Tuesday, May 31, Mr. Ken Levy will be acting principal at Columbus School for the remainder of the school year, replacing outgoing principal Sonia Nunez. Mr. Levy is an experienced retired elementary school principal who has served in many interim capacities including both Trinity and Ward elementary schools in New Rochelle. We are confident that the entire Columbus staff and community, supported by Mr. Levy and Ms. Owens, will assure that Columbus school students have a successful ending to the school year. We will keep you posted regarding plans for identifying a new principal for Columbus elementary school.


Brian Osborne

Superintendent of Schools