Four Geese Decapitated at New Rochelle High School Lakes, Swans Missing, Signet Abandoned




In other words, it is literally a "wild good chase".

Earlier today Channel 7 News reported that four geese were killed, decapitated, at the lakes in front of New Rochelle High School. The City of New Rochelle, the New Rochelle Police Department and the Westchester PSCA have all confirmed to Talk of the Sound that there is no evidence to support the claim that any person killed any geese today at the lakes around New Rochelle High School.

City Spokesperson Kathy Gilwit issued a statement to Talk of the Sound regarding a citizen’s report of four decapitated Canada geese at Huguenot Park:

A Parks and Recreation crew completing a trail restoration came upon one dead Canada goose near the main causeway. The carcass was mangled with teeth marks so the goose appeared to have been killed by another animal. There was no evidence of multiple dead and decapitated geese. A subsequent investigation by NRPD likewise found no further evidence as well. The cell phone photo provided to NRPD by the citizen reporting the incident only showed one goose.

So, if there was not any attack resulting in the decapitation of four geese, why was the signet captured and taken by Lorraine Izzo to the Center for Wildlife Rescue, Research and Conservation in Bronxville. And why is Kiley Blackman of Westchester 4 Geese wasting the time of law enforcement?

A phone call to Izzo was not returned.

I believe I share the sentiment of many New Rochelle residents who use that park, most of whom monitored the nesting swan all spring and the birth of the three signets -- RETURN OUR BABY SWAN IMMEDIATELY!


Four Geese Decapitated at New Rochelle High School Lakes, Swans Missing, Signet Abandoned

WABC-TV News is reporting that four Canada Geese were decapitated this morning in New Rochelle.
 The two swans which have been local favorites are missing. A lone baby swan, the last of three signets born to the pair this spring was found among the dead geese. The Westchester SPCA and New Rochelle Police Department were on scene earlier today. Both are investigating. This is a horrific crime and those who did it must be caught. In addition, Canada Geese are protected under Federal law, so the penalty will be severe," said Kiley Blackman, founder of Westchester 4 Geese, told WABC. The signet is in the care of the Center for Wildlife Rescue, Research and Conservation. There is speculation that the swans flew away during the attack. Geese were scattered around New Rochelle High School after the attack, in the teacher's parking lot and the softball field. The signet will be rehabilitated at the Center for Wildlife Rescue, Research and Conservation, Inc., until it is old enough to be released back into the wild, reported the TV station.

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