Friday Fun: What's Wrong with This Picture?

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Friday Fun: What's Wrong with This Picture?

March 27, 2009 - 23:41

image1023813817.jpgThis one is just toooo easy. You are looking at the back of a t-shirt distributed by teachers in the Health Department at New Rochelle High School as part of Fitness Week. Notice anything odd about the sponsors? Apparently the high school's idea of fitness is chowing down on buffalo wings, pizza and jerked chicken followed up by a fine cigar. And in these tough financial times, it's nice to see the school helping our kid's find a cheap place to pick up a carton of Lucky Strikes at "Smokes 4 Less".

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That is very strange. When was this t-shirt made? Beryl Z Realty on 231 Main Street is no longer in business. The office has been closed for a while. The phone number now belongs to Century 21.

ok, that is too funny! Really. Who designed it? and who liked it enough to approve the printing. This is true marketing in it's form. Clearly it's not about the message but the donations provided by these establishments.

I have to say that this is a bad depiction of true New Rochelle. Let's put something positive up here to balance it out please...