Fruit Bandit a "No Show" This Weekend, Story Goes National on Drudge Report


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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The "Fruit Bandit", a nickname coined by Talk of the Sound contributor EyeOnNewRoc, failed to appear for a third straight week as police stepped up patrols in the area of previoius attacks.

Since Talk of the Sound first began reporting on the Fruit Bandit two weeks, he, she or they has vandalized 17 cars in New Rochelle. As is often the case for news stories in New Rochelle, other media outlets began picking up the story from Talk of the Sound.

The story went national for the first time when the widely-read Drudge Report linked a WCBS 880/1010 WINS story about the fruit-throwing vandals, using the term "Fruit Bandit".

WABC-7: Fruit bandit on the loose in Westchester County

WCBS-2: Search On For Drive-By Fruit-Throwing Vandal Who Damaged Cars In New Rochelle

Scott parks his car in the area where the Fruit Bandit struck, and said: “I hope nothing happens to it. That would not be good.”

News12: Fruit throwers vandalize New Rochelle cars

New York Newsday: New Rochelle 'fruit bandit' damages 9 cars, cops say

The "fruit bandit" has struck again, New Rochelle police tell News12. New York town baffled by fruit-throwing vandal who has damaged over a dozen cars

Journal News: New Rochelle police: Eight cars damaged by vandals wielding fruit, eggs

Search On For Drive-By Fruit-Throwing Vandal Who Damaged Cars In New Rochelle

CBS 880/1010WINS:

Scott lives on Neptune Avenue in New Rochelle, and he was not happy to learn about what some are calling the Fruit Bandit.

Listen here.

Fox 5 NY News Crawl

Associated Press: Fruit bandits vandalize cars in New Rochelle

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