Gas Consumers Being Ripped Off At New Rochelle Sunoco

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Gas Consumers Being Ripped Off At New Rochelle Sunoco

August 10, 2012 - 09:45

People gasing up at one local New Rochelle gas station better check the signs before they put the gas nozzle to there cars at the Sunoco located on the corner of River street and Route 1 in New Rochelle.

The cash price was at $4.03.9 a gallon and the credit price was $4.39.9.

This station according to it's signage is charging 36 cents a gallon more for using a credit or debit card.

All New Rochelle resident's and people who use this station should speak out and let this station and the Sunoco corporation know enough is enough. IMG 2584

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If this was the actual difference in price at the pump then it is unfortunate, but at least the prices are posted in BIG BOLD ILLUMINATED LETTERS. So it is not misleading.

Hat's off to Sunoco, all the other gas stations and our Government for taking advantage of US the hard working Americans making the politicians rich on this nonsense of these crazy gas prices!

i just passed the sunnoco station on my way back from work a few minutes ago the cash price is now 3.96 and the credit price is 4.03

By putting this sign, the electrician in irvine sign company keeps on repairing because they told us that it's hard to installed if the stand was pole.

What's that again?

Such sign is really a helpful thing for people who are finding some places or establishment to go through. It's an indication that an establishment whether a gas station, fast food and many more are situated in areas like anaheim signs.