Gas Leak at Home Near New Rochelle High School Prompts Responses by New Rochelle Fire Department

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Gas Leak at Home Near New Rochelle High School Prompts Responses by New Rochelle Fire Department

November 29, 2011 - 18:05

New Rochelle firefighters responded to reports of a high concentration of natural gas around noon today at a home located at 288 Clove Road, across the street from the New Rochelle High School football field.

The owner of the home, Dr. Adam S Budzikowski, could not be reached so firefighters were required to gain entry through a window at the front of the house. One firefighter was hoisted up by several others and pulled himself up and through the window. Once inside, the door was opened and a search was made to confirm no one was inside.

Con Edison responded to the scene and a Con Edison employee gave the all clear minutes after the firefighters secured the scene.

No one was at home at the time. No injuries were reported.

Dr. Budzikowski practices cardiology,clinical cardiac electrophysiology and internal medicine in Brooklyn. A neighbor was able to reach Dr. Budzikowski and alert him to the situation.

Make a rare appearance was Ladder 12 which has been largely inactive following a decision by the City Manager to discontinue overtime pay until the end of the year. If staffing levels are too low on a given shift, Ladder 12 is taken out of service.

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Recent paving on North Ave. in the vicinity of Iona College and City Hall. Why are almost all of the manhole covers in this area sunk resulting in a jarring effect when riding over same??

Is there any oversight from the City when these guys pave our streets?? I mean, this is a recent pave job and these manhole covers should not be sunk like this. Oversight means that someone from the City should check out the work and if it is not up to code, there should be some kind of redress.

This is only common sense.

If the job is not done correctly, the the company that is responsible should come back and do the right thing or forfeit a certain amount of their fee.