GETTING RESULTS: Huguenot Hills Begins Process of Installing Long-Missing Roof Drainage System in New Rochelle

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GETTING RESULTS: Huguenot Hills Begins Process of Installing Long-Missing Roof Drainage System in New Rochelle

October 17, 2012 - 22:32

HuguenotHills2012 560 After more than eight years, the Huguenot Hills Condominium Association has finally shown signs of undertaking work to rectify a serious roof drainage system which has caused dangerous road conditions for drivers and a severe icicle problem for pedestrians each winter.

The problems at the condo complex first came to the public attention following a series of reports by Talk of the Sound.

Bob Young, the builder of Huguenot Hills, failed to install a rooftop drainage system -- a series of interconnected gutters and leaders -- on about 80% of the front of the buildings which make up the luxury condo structure. Young somehow managed to to get a New Rochelle building inspector, John Caldararo, to sign off on the building's Certificate of Occupancy despite blindingly clear violations related to the missing rooftop drainage system.

Several times over the past two years, since Talk of the Sound began to run a series of articles in August 2010 on the "Mystery" of Huguenot Hills, the City of New Rochelle has put the Huguenot Hills Condominium Association on notice regarding missing Leaders and gutters at Building A, B and C along the Southern Side of the Building at the Main Street Elevation, according to documents obtained under FOIL by Talk of the Sound.

The first letter was sent on November 15, 2010, weeks after our first story ran. The letter was resent on January 13, 2011. Further warnings have followed.

In his initial letter, Paul Vacca, the Deputy Commissioner of Development and the Senior Building Official for the City of New Rochelle wrote:

It has come to the attention of this office that the leaders and gutters that were required to be installed on the building as part of the drainage system at the aforementioned location were never completed. Please be advised that the work should be completed as soon as possible as the lack of leaders and gutters along this elevation of the building is in violation of the property maintenance code and is creating a public nuisance.

For safety reasons, Con Edison must wrap the cables in insulation before work can begin on installing the missing gutters and leaders.

HuguenotHills2012 558

Talk of the Sound will continue to monitor progress at Huguenot Hills.

Photo Credit: John D'Alois


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This is not only getting results, this is another nail in the coffin of the Good Old Boys. The developer, Mr. Young, is one of the favored local developers. The fact that Mr. Young received a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) without proper drainage/gutters reveals his connection to the City Hall power brokers or could it be the inspector who rubber stamped the CO?

Bob, keep up the good work, I can't wait to see how the Bonano case shakes out. I hear half of the Board of Education staff will be deposed which, could reveal much more.

I am an owner in the Huguenot Hills Condominium. I speak for a number of my neighbors and friends when I say that it is a wonderful place to live! The friendships that I have developed over the last 6 years, I will have forever. We are a strong community of many different backgrounds but the one thing we all have in common is that we are proud to call New Rochelle home. The comments in this blog are not the only thing to be said about our community. I fear that this fantastic place that has been home to my children and my neighbors children and our empty nester neighors is getting a bad rap based on someone's very dull axe! We support our Condominium Board and Managing Agent. We have addressed the gutters to the delight of all owners. Please don't punish our beautiful complex for the views of one very verbose blogger. We are members of this community who care about New Rochelle and look forward to raising our families in The Queen City of the Sound!

He says he got scammed into living in garbage. All the Democratic politicians were in on this thing. It's only a matter of time before the feds get them on their dealings.

Mr. Old Timer NR - I would be more than happy to invite you into my home for a cup of tea (or any beverage of your choice) and allow you to perform a full inspection of my property. My home is just that - my home. I love it! I have raised my children there and I have made friends there. I have solid oak floors, stainless steel Wolf, Sub Zero and Asko appliances. I have Rohl faucets throught my marble baths. I have layers of sound proofing behind my walls so that I don't hear a peep from my lovely neighbors. I have a garage so I don't have to park on the street like so many in the lovely neighborhood behind me do. I have a gas fireplace and stunning base and crown moldings. I have two decks that look out over the Long Island Sound and downtown New Rochelle. I have new cable, new wiring, central heating and air conditioning. I ask you, what is garbage about that? I have a home that I love and care for. I have a community that I respect and I would ask that you give us the same respect. Your friend is a rarity Mr. Old Timer. I know because I deliver cookies to my neighbors every Christmas and recieve Holiday/New Year cards and chocolates in return. I attend the birthday parties of all the children born into this complex. We have sent our children to same daycares and schools and we socialize. We have Pampered Chef parties and Halloween gatherings so everyone can trick or treat together. We are more than our gutters, leaders and wires. I respect your opinions and you years in the community. We addressed the issues of the water and icicles as we all agree was necessary. I did not finally respond after 6 years to fight, I responded because it is a great place to live and people should know that. Maybe after you visit my home you would be so kind as to invite me to your house for a full tour.

Well said...OldTimer is envious and mean spirited...your building looks great.

The hills are a beautiful development. You may not like local politics but you're letting your emotions get the best and are sounding like a disgruntled old fool.

...and do you care to say where you live?