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I would like to commend the seven republicans and two democrats who passed a bipartisan Westchester County Budget in defiance of Chairman Ken (Bully) Jenkins. Veteran legislator James Maisano crafted the end around, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s with the support of his fellow republicans plus democratic legislators Virginia Perez and Michael Kaplowitz.


The republicans have been cast the party of NO on the federal level while Bully Jenkins and the majority of democratic cronies have said NO to everything County Executive Rob Astorino proposed on the local level. This is part of Jenkins' political machination to challenge Astorino next time around. Jenkins went so far as closing the chamber lights and sounding a horn controlled in his office to prevent the bipartisan majority from completing the peoples business of passing a sound compromise budget which does not increase the tax levy.


Special kudos go to Kaplowitz, a veteran legislator and newcomer, Virginia Perez, who will surely have to deal with Bully Jenkins’ wrath in a primary. This coalition provides a glimmer of hope that there still exist politicians who are capable of putting the general good above their individual political ambitions. 

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New Rochelle GOP on Tue, 12/11/2012 - 12:20
Title: Congrats

We are pleased that our two county legislators - Jim Maisano & Sheila Marcotte - put the county and taxpayers over politics and joined with the bipartisan coalition to pass a fiscally responsible budget - no tax increase and AAA bond rating protected. It is a disgrace that 8 Democrats led by Jenkins walked out of chambers when they realized they lost the majority - their constituents should be outraged they did not vote on budget. We are especially proud that Jim Maisano took control in the chaos, was elected temporary char and ran the meeting to pass 2013 county budget.

NROld Timer on Wed, 12/12/2012 - 01:47

Jenkins is beside himself since Maisano used his experience to conjure up a compromise budget that was acceptable to a bipartisan majority and County Executive Rob Astorino.

Great work Jim!

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