Good Profit Works Deal on New Rochelle Armory is Dead

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Good Profit Works Deal on New Rochelle Armory is Dead

February 28, 2013 - 22:49

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Five months after the New Rochelle City Council selected Good Profit Works as the winner of a Requests for Proposals (RFP) for the New Rochelle Armory and two weeks after New Rochelle Mayor Bramson announced a hard deadline of February 28, 2013, Good Profit Works failed to produce a signed Letter of Agreement or a $50,000 escrow payment required under terms of resolution passed by the Council in November.

The matter came to a head at the City Council meeting on February 12th after a January story by Talk of the Sound which was first to report that Good Profit Works had never signed the deal sheet they were offered by the City last fall.

Good Profit Works had proposed a combination farmers market and restaurant.

The RFP distributed last May originally called for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be signed by the winning bidder. There were two bidders, Good Profit Works and the Veterans Memorial Center for the Performing Arts.

The failure of the Good Profit Works deal is a another defeat for New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson who had been the catalyst for the Good Profit Works bid for the armory in a move which was widely perceived as an attempt to prevent New Rochelle Veterans from moving forward with their own proposal for the Armory and surrounding property.


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what will Mrs. Bramson do with her spare time? I know, she can go shopping on Main Street in New Rochelle.

Here's hoping the vets persevere.

So Bramson,s scheme didn't pan out. I thought Good Profit were the one's with all the money who were going to make this happen. Guess not. I suppose the armory wasn't the ideal spot for a fruit stand. Chaulk up one for the good guys and one less for Bramson.

Sometimes dreams dont come true.Now give it to the Vets who deserve and earned it and quit dreaming on our dime Mr Mayor and the rest of the Jackasses that supported it.

Once again Noam Bramson has failed when it comes to development. Good Profits was a hand picked group of Bramson friends and political supporters. This motley group couldn't raise a measly $50,000 for a letter of agreement.

Bramson's hatred for Tocci and Parente tilted the scales for Good Profits and now they have failed leaving Bramson with egg on his face. Now Bramson states he is in no rush to develop the armory. There is no way Bramson will allow the Veterans to advance their vision/project.

Contrary to Bramson's County Executive Campaign bullshit, New Rochelle is one of the highest taxed communities in Westchester and indeed New York State when the refuse fee and library tax are factored in. Bramson has a horrible record during his tenure on council I can't imagine anyone who would support him for County Executive.