"Goodbye April Showers Hello May Flowers", Says New Rochelle Tag Sale Lady

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"Goodbye April Showers Hello May Flowers", Says New Rochelle Tag Sale Lady

April 30, 2010 - 01:36

NewRo Tag Sale Lady.jpgThe weather man says it's gonna be a dandy day on Saturday. Be sure to wear your bonnet to protect your noggin from that sun; I always have mine on! You may need to dress light but be sure to grab a nice big purse or shopping bags just in case you get some loot. I'm all set with my recyclable tote. I'm not sure what Sunday will bring but now that April's showers are behind us I'm sure those flowers will be a bloomin'.

If you hear of any more tag sales be sure and send me an email at tagsalelady AT newrochelletalk DOT com. If you see a sign posted on a telephone pole just shoot a picture with your little phone gadget and send it along.

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  • The City of New Rochelle requires a permit from the City Clerk to hold garage sale. Along with the form, the resident must pay a $25.00 fee and provide proof of public liability insurance coverage of at least $500,000.
  • Individuals are permitted no more than two Garage Sales per year; Neighborhood Associations are permitted no more than four Garage Sales per year. Each Garage Sale is limited to to not more than three consecutive days.
  • Garage Sales are limited to the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • The penalty for violating the City Code can be severe. Every article of Personal Property displayed, offered for sale, or sold in violation of this Chapter shall constitute a separate offense under this Chapter. In addition, each and every day a Garage Sale is conducted in violation of this Chapter shall constitute a separate offense. The fine is up to but no more than $250 for each offense.

New Rochelle Municipal Code Chapter 160 Garage Sales

City of New Rochelle Yard Sale Permit (click here

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Since its the month of May, start getting in your yard. Are you protected from flood? Do you believe that planting more green could hinder it? The Cumberland River flooding has created destruction of not only buildings and structures. The Opryland Resort, right next to the Grand Ole Opry, has flooded also. The Opryland Hotel flooding has put many individuals out of work with no idea when things will be back to smooth operations. The hardship the local economy is experiencing speaks volumes in comparison with a river flooding. The Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland Resort are huge tourist attractions for Nashville, and with no tourist revenue there is no telling just how bad the region is actually going to suffer. I hope that all turns out good for the citizens in the flooding regions.