Grand Theft Auto V Launch Overwelms New Rochelle Police!

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Grand Theft Auto V Launch Overwelms New Rochelle Police!

September 17, 2013 - 08:47

I called the New Rochelle Police Department at 1:30 am on Tuesday morning to report double parked cars on Lecount PlaceIMG 9499. I also told the person that answered the phone that there was a large crowd outside of Game StopIMG 9498and that they were awaiting the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V. The dispatcher said they would send someone over.
I did not know that it would take the New Rochelle Police Department 1 hour and 20 minutes to dispatch the call.
After hearing this call go out on a police scanner i decided to call back to find out why it took so long and i was told by the person answering the phone we had a robbery.
If The New Rochelle Police cannot respond to a oversize crowd or a traffic infraction outside of New Roc City where by the way the have a so called Police Sub-Station.
Then I ask every resident of this city where does it stop? We as a city are in big trouble if we don't have officers to respond in less than a hour to any call.
The Police officers are not to blame, New Rochelle city officials, The Police Comm,and The City Mgr are.What do the residents do?