Gripedaddy Takes on Cablevision and He's Not Happy!

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Gripedaddy Takes on Cablevision and He's Not Happy!

October 13, 2012 - 15:53

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Bravo John! There is no excuse for any person to wait longer than 3 minutes for service. Obviously the cronies at Cablevision do not review the "wait time" in their weekly meetings. I believe their "apology" is part of their "greeting" once they answer your call. Sad to see a business succeed with such poor service.

I applaud your efforts, but the megalomaniac Charles Dolan is interested only in money (take a look at his bio to see what he owns), and not in customer service. When Cablevision stole 10 stations from me earlier in the decade, I was powerless (complaining accomplished bupkus) until FIOS was 'allowed' into the area. Obviously, Charlie let them in according to his rules, i.e., price fixing, and a hefty donation to the crooked county politicos.

FIOS is as bad as Cablevision, but our choices in Westchester are the Devil or Satan. Take your pick, same overpriced programming, same autocratic decisions on what we have in our lineups, same lousy uncaring customer service, and same indifference to threats of leaving.

My advice: take a deep breath, realize you are in a county that is crooked as New Rochelle when it comes to our media, and give up until another competitor is allowed in. BTW, Comcast and Time Warner are equally bad. Didn't that deregulation help the little guy? HAH!

Good luck.