The History of New Rochelle, NY During Ragtime

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The History of New Rochelle, NY During Ragtime

June 09, 2012 - 12:37

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Bob...This is a great piece of New Rochelle history.
Great Job!

Wow, Mr. McCaffery did a splendid job on this. I just returned to New Rochelle after being gone for almost 17 years and this film brought back such wonderful memories of a city i have always been proud to call home.
Who were the commentators during the old films....was one of them Walter Bell ?
Once again thank you for a nostalgic journey.

The video does show one of the strengths of New Rochelle that we brought up at the Comprehensive Plan (EnvisionR) Workshop which I attended on June 8th. Unfortunately we could not come up with many strengths at the time for New Rochelle except History and Location. Any other strengths had buts attached and challenges that needed to be dealt with first. There were a lot of buts after most comments. However, that was not the purpose of the meeting. We stayed focused on the task.

Here is a follow up letter I sent to City Council:

Noam, Chuck and Council members,

I just returned from the Comprehensive Plan (EnvisionR) Workshop. It was facilitated very well by Eleanor Sharpe and the Interns. The process was kept on point and well done. There are defiantly more opportunities if this group remains non-political and focused on point of the New Rochelle Comprehensive Plan. There was a very useful sharing of information, especially the challenges the committee and the city face moving forward. It must move forward and bring more of the people we have available with their experience in planning and this type of process. Some of the challenges go beyond the scope of the committee. Whatever they are, those challenges need to be overcome. Communication, two way communication, fairness and change of mind set and direction are just a few that were brought up at the meeting. I don't want to take away from the experience today with those comments, but it would be beneficial to the process if some of these challenges were overcome and the mindset changed.

It is what is done moving forward that counts the most, Not what has happened in the past. I say good job Eleanor on the first pass. Let’s build on this and come up with a plan the whole community would be proud of and other cities and states as well. We spoke of opportunities, this is as big as they get. All involved from the facilitators to the people that attended should be thanked. Just remember, “Common sense for the Common Good” goes a long way.

Yes Walter Bell was one and the other was Thomas O'Toole.

You can see Old Time New Rochelle via Trolly Car on You Tube...It is a wonderful journey down memory lane in New Rochelle!

Bell and O'Toole are the commentators.