How Municipal Corruption Works in New Rochelle: A Case Study from the New Rochelle Board of Education's Painter-Working Foreman


StromeProcopioOrganisciakBramsonSeveral weeks ago, on June 28th, Talk of the Sound reported on the latest example of how public officials in New Rochelle manipulate the municipal civil service commission to cut deals and reward members of the “friends and family” network.

To get caught up and fully follow this story open up the previous story in a new window/tab in your browser by clicking this link: How Municipal Corruption Works in New Rochelle: A Case Study from the New Rochelle Board of Education’s Painter-Working Foreman Position

The short version is that after the previous Painter Working Foreman retired in 2009, the position was given to Anthony Paganico contingent on him meeting the requirements which included demonstrating that he had 2 years prior experience as a supervisor and that he passed the civil service exam for the position. An exam was offered on April 9, 2010 but abruptly cancelled by New Rochelle Board of Education Buildings & Grounds Supervisor John Gallagher on the grounds that no one had signed up to take the exam. This was a week after it was first offered, a month before the deadline to sign up and two months before the exam was scheduled to take place. A FOIL request by Talk of the Sound revealed that between January 1, 2009 and June 15, 2011, the only two documents related to this exam were the exam notice (below) and a memo from Gallagher requesting the exam be cancelled.

Painter Working Foreman Exam

Gallagher Memo April 15, 2010

In June 2011, the New Rochelle Board of Education approved a resolution making Anthony Paganico permanent in the position based on a “recommendation” by the Civil Service Commission. Paganico did not have the required supervisory experience and never sat for, let alone passed, the required civil service exam. Talk of the Sound raised questions about this in the article on June 28th. On August 4th, the Civil Service Commission announced a new exam based on a new job description. The new job description removed any reference to requiring two years of supervisory experience:

Painter Working Foreman Exam Revised

VACANCY: The eligible list established as a result of this examination will be used to fill appropriate vacancies as they occur in the City School District of New Rochelle.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS, EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Candidates must meet the following requirements on or before the date of the written examination:


Stephen Estes, Deputy Commissioner of Personnel for Tompins County, NY has written an excellent history and overview of the Civil Service in New York State. Estes traces the history of the origin of the Civil Service in New York State as a way to combat the hiring of unqualified persons under the “spoils system” and the long-standing effort of local governments to circumvent the Civil Service Law:

1894 was a landmark year for civil service in New York State.  A constitutional convention was called and some changes were made to the constitution of New York State.  Elihu Root and Joseph Choate used their influence at the constitutional convention to insert a seemingly innocuous statement into Article V, Section 6 of the Constitution of New York State.  On the surface, the statement was so uncomplicated and innocent that few could see any possible reason to vote against it.  As a result, article V, Section 6 of the Constitution was modified to read:  “Appointments and promotions in the civil service of the State and all of the civil divisions thereof, including cities and villages, shall be made according to merit and fitness to be ascertained, as far as practicable, by examination which, as far as practicable, shall be competitive, …”  Little did the politicians of New York State understand the far reaching implications that this simple little sentence would have on appointments in New York State.

The New York State Civil Service Law is built on this constitutional foundation which clearly spells out the obligations of public officials:

The “Duties of Public Officers” begins at Section 95 of the Civil Service law. This is the section of law of which most towns, villages and school districts would prefer to remain blithely unaware. Section 95 directs “all officers of the state or any civil division thereof to conform to and comply with and aid in all proper ways in carrying into effect the provisions of civil service law.” Section 96 indicates that a public officer can not require an employee to sign any document waiving the rights provided by civil service law. Section 97 requires appointing officers to conform to the letter of the law and local rules. It directs them to appoint competitive class employees from eligible lists and to report all appointments made in any classification to their local civil service office for tracking. Subsection 2 of this rule requires the personnel officer or civil service commission to maintain an official roster of employees in all civil divisions under its jurisdiction.

The Municipal Civil Service Commission of New Rochelle is run by a Chairperson appointed by the Mayor. The Chairperson appointed the position of Civil Service Administrator until recently after the former CSA was “unexpectedly resigned” and Talk of the Sound revealed that CSC Chairperson was taking improper STAR and Combat Veteran tax exemptions for a property on Pinebrook Road. Mayor Noam Bramson appointed Domenic Procopio to this position and has continued to maintain that Procopio is doing a “fine job” as Commissioner despite getting caught cheating on his New Rochelle property taxes while serving as a New Rochelle public official. With all due respect to immigrants and English as a Second Language learners, based on his limited English-language proficiency and lack of education, it is doubtful that Mr. Procopio could pass any of the exams given by the CSC let alone understand the laws he was appointed to enforce. When he was caught benefiting from property tax exemptions intended for combat veterans, the defense offered by City officials was that Procopio could not understand the one sentence letter he received each year informing him of the amount of his combat veteran exemption. If he could not understand a single sentence that read “Combat Vet Tax Exemption $436.21” how can he expected to understand the complex legal documents surrounding civil service appointments?

Even if Procopio did understand the documents he was being asked to review and sign, his track record indicates that he is not interested, as Estes puts it, in helping employers in “hiring the most suitable candidate while ensuring the process is ‘open and fair’ for individuals competing for public sector jobs. Municipal civil service agencies bear the responsibility to bring the maximum number of qualified people into the selection process to carry out the constitutional mandate of merit and fitness ‘through competition.’” Procopio appears far more interested in finding ways to circumvent the law in order to place pre-selected candidates in positions of his choosing, to the detriment of the City of New Rochelle, the New Rochelle Board of Education and the taxpayers of New Rochelle.

City Manager Charles B. Strome has repeatedly claimed that civil service matters involving the New Rochelle Board of Education are not his responsibility. The New York State Civil Service Law makes it quite clear that not only is this not the case but under Section 95 he is required to "conform to and comply with and aid in all proper ways in carrying into effect the provisions of civil service law" and that as City Manager he has an affirmative, sworn obligation to see to it that the New York State Constitution including Article 6 is upheld. Likewise all members of the City Council, the New Rochelle Board of Education, Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak and Procopio himself have the same obligation.

Under a New York State Freedom of Information Law request, the City of New Rochelle provided only two documents pertaining to the Painter Working Foreman Exam during the period from January 1, 2009 until the present day. They did not provide any information on how the origin of the Painter Working Foreman position so we cannot tell if it comports with Section 44 of the New York State Civil Service Law:

§ 44. Competitive class. The competitive class shall include all positions for which it is practicable to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examination, and shall include all positions now existing or hereafter created, of whatever functions, designations or compensation, in each and every branch of the classified service, except such positions as are in the exempt class, the non-competitive class or the labor class.

In short, Estes says “all newly created positions are automatically created in the competitive class unless some action is taken to petition the State Civil Service Commission for approval to remove such title from the competitive class.”

Under Section 52 it might have been possible for the “appointing officer” to simply declare Anthony Paganico promoted had he taken and passed the Painter Working Foreman Exam:

Section 52.7 …Whenever there are no more than three persons eligible for examination for promotion to a vacant competitive class position, or whenever no more than three persons file application for examination for promotion to such position, the appointing officer may nominate one of such persons and such nominee, upon passing an examination appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the position may be promoted, but no examination shall be required for such promotion where such nominee has already qualified in an examination appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Section 52.8 specifically prohibits the step taken by the New Rochelle Board of Education in June 2011 which, under Resolution 11-348-7 made permanent a “promotional probationary appointment” without taking the required civil service examination:

No promotion shall be made from one position or title to another position or title unless specifically authorized by the state civil service department or municipal commission, nor shall a person be promoted to a position or title for which there is required, by this chapter or the rules, an examination involving essential tests or qualifications different from or higher than those required for the position or title held by such person unless he has passed the examination and is eligible for appointment to such higher position or title.

Further, there is no documentation supporting the claim of the New Rochelle Board of Education in Resolution 11-348-7 that any “promotional probationary appointment” was made for Anthony Paganico as Painter Working Foreman on April 15, 2010 or at any other time nor could such an appointment been made as Mr. Paganico never qualified for the position based on the job description irrespective of whether he ever took or passed the civil service exam -- which he did not.

In the six weeks since Talk of the Sound first reported on the illegal appointment of Anthony Paganico to the position of Painter Working Foreman, the Board of Education has had a change of heart and decided that there does need to be an exam after all. On August 4, 2011, the CSC published a notice for a new “promotion” exam which it promptly hid from public view. Talk of the Sound has since confirmed with City spokesperson Kathy Gilwit that no communications regarding the Painter Working Foreman Examination were received after June 28th, 2011 and that no new records exist. Under a second FOIL request, the City confirmed that the April 2010 exam notice and the Gallagher memo dated April 15, 2010 remain the only two public records prior to the creation of the Painter Working Foreman Examination notice on August 4, 2011. There is no record, just as in 2009-2010, that any request was made by the New Rochelle Board of Education to schedule an exam, no new job description was ever submitted even though the job description was changed to make Anthony Paganico eligible for the position (the supervisory experience was removed), there is no record that the Painter Working Foreman Examination was ever put on the agenda for the CSC or that the CSC ever discussed or approved any job description or examination for the Painter Working Foreman Examination.

While the CSC has never been asked to take any action, ever, going back to January 1, 2009, on any Painter Working Foreman Examination or Job Description, Mr. Paganico and Anthony Rigos, the person who illegally placed Paganico in the position of Painter Working Foreman, have been busy clearing the way so that there will be three or less eligible employees for the position at which point, under Section 52.7, Rigos can "legally" appoint Paganico without competition. On August 2, 2011, two days before the Painter Working Foreman Exam notice was published, Anthony Rigos made a formal complaint alleging that two of the remaining three eligible painters were stealing company time. He claims to have observed them sitting in their work van during the work day and ordered them to attend a hearing on August 5, 2011, the day after the Painter Working Foreman Exam notice was published. The two painters have denied the charges.

Talk of the Sound readers will recall how in the weeks before he was asked to testify before the grand jury in the DPW case, Pat Papallardi, the whistleblower, was brought up on charges by Richard Fevang in what had all the appearances of an effort to intimidate a witness in a criminal proceeding. Now, in the Painter case, two of the three eligible employees are brought up on charges during the same week the new exam notice was posted.

And there you have it. Just the latest example of municipal corruption in New Rochelle. Stay tuned...


NY State Civil Service Law

New Rochelle City Code

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Sandy27 on Wed, 08/31/2011 - 00:10

Mr Cox, I'm writing this with curious concern, I continuously keep seeing the Board of Ed garbage truck at the bottom of 4th street at the dead end. The driver is always the same man, he was seen talking to Jake"the Rake", this being an ongoing thing I had made some inquiries as to who this driver is, wearing short pants with dark hair and a trim mustache. Many people are reluctant to give me his full name but have found out his first name is Sal. I am not sure if he was on duty at the time, but considering it was Board of Ed hours I can only assume such. Can you please look into this matter. Thank you for you time and attention.

rickyrat on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 17:40
Title: Bob

Bob, regarding your reporting on the BOE it seems to me that you make alot of accusations with no real evidance or facts bit the stories are changed by the people who bring them to you. Like you main informers Ricky Dibuono, Tony Costa, Billy Coleman and Sandy Annunziata ,who are all from the BOE. You like to pick on the same people over and over again. It's hard to believe that you would print a story based solely on what's someone would tell youwith no real facts or proof. You print stories without investigating them first and if you did have the proof you would print it or present it to the BOA Take for example, if I were to tell you your son was gay, and we all no that he isn't but then you print the story that he is, when people read it who don't know your son believe he is gay, that is deception and that's what you do, decieve your readers by not getting the facts straight. Yet when you get a story with facts like the districk painters George and Dibuono sleeping in the van on company time with real evidence and proof you defend them. Why, because Ricky is one of your little informers who runs to you all the time with his fabricated stories, because he is jealous of everyone. You don't investigate Rickys claims, you just print them with no real proof or facts, only on what they tell you,,, SHAME ON YOU BOB..... And for you Bob, to call peoples kids names and make threats and use foul language on the radio, you sound like a raving madman and your out of control, that's is totally uncalled for, remember you have children to. You print a story that the bosses son at Cliff St. Wrote a threatining message on a boat, you didn't like it, but what proof did you have that he was the one who wrote it.... Tell us Bob....produce the evidence.... The only proof you have is what Ricky Dibuono or one of your other rats conjured up and that dosnt make it true.... So before you accuse someone of making a threat you better make sure your facts are straight, that's what a real journalist does. Your messing with people lives and families so get your stories straight before reporting. You pick and choose what stories to report to fit your agenda. Your wrote a single article on the recent sexual harassment case with the BOE. Then the story disappeared, why is that Bob?? I tell you why Bob, it because the victims father is a close friend of yours, otherwise it would have been the top story on your website and radio show but it hasn't been mentioned again Bob can you tell me why, I would think that story what be a good topic for the radio. Then, what about Ricky Dibuono calling his supervisors wife at her home on Friday August 5th and threatening her stating that if her husband didn't take it easy on him regarding work details, that he would make false accusations about her husband, saying that he beats his children and wife with a belt and that he would have you, Bob Cox,print it on TOTS. Shame on you Ricky on making up such lies, he had Anthony's wife crying and shook up for days that on Sunday Aug .7 the Mahopac police dept. Was called to the home regarding the threat that was made on Friday by Ricky. That's REAL facts and REAL evidence Bob, did you call Mahopac police dept and check it out? Or investigate it, or print a story on it, like you do with all other district employees,,,, As far as Ohio, No you didn't, Why??? Cause it was your little rat Ricky. If it was Donald Procopio, Bonanno,Caldararo,Gallagher,Strome Oganisciak or Bramson it would be all over your blog and radio show, and you know it. Bob you do some nice work on TOTS for the city and it's community but you have to get your facts straight before you print a story, especially when your information is coming from people like Ricky Dibuono, Tony Costa, Billy Coleman and Sandy Annunziata, it's turning you I to a sleazy reporter. You know Bob, your not the great and wonderful OZ. We both know you have skeletons too, you just don't write about them. So, if you want truthful answers, then go to the people you are writing about and ask them, maybe you will find the real truth of the story.
Thanks Bob for listening to me....... I'll be back I'm not going anywhere.....

Robert Cox's picture
Robert Cox on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 20:43

So long as the topic is related to New Rochelle, anyone can register and comment or write their own articles. You know this because you have done that already. If you want to see articles about police records in Mahopac then go ahead and write them. No one is stopping you.

As far as all the wild accusations...

I wrote two articles about the painter working foreman exam. In June, the Board of Education approved Anthony Paganico for the position based on something called a "recommendation" by the Civil Service Commission. Shortly after the first story ran the CSC announced a promotion exam for the painter working foreman position. It would seem rather obvious that the BoE realized they had been hoodwinked and ordered that proper procedures be followed. It may well be that Anthony Paganico scores well on the test or that three or less people apply and he is selected for the position. If that happens, I could not care less so long as the legal process is followed and that all eligible candidates are given a fair shot at the position.

The reporting I did on this was based on records obtained from the Board of Education and the Civil Service Commission, researching the Civil Service Law in New York State and performing analysis and drawing conclusions. It really does not make one bit of difference who said what when the story is based on records and a reading of State law.

While the individual personalities may hold endless fascination for you, they are immaterial to me. My interest is in demonstrating, once again, that New Rochelle officials have a reckless disregard for the law.

As for the Newman case, there has not been any new news to report but when there is news in the case I will report it. As readers should know by now, Talk of the Sound Radio did not air last week on WVOX. We will air tomorrow at our normal time on Blog Talk Radio which can be accessed right here on this site. Regardless of venue, we take calls and if you want to call the show and raise the topic of the Newman case you can do that just like anyone else. Had we aired on WVOX as scheduled, we would have likely discussed the case. It is now a couple weeks old and so probably would not but maybe we will or maybe you will call and ask about it and it will become a discussion topic on the show.

think on Fri, 08/19/2011 - 01:44

I find it odd that a civil service test where clearly unqualified people were allowed to take, you grandstanded for. You scream of unqualified appointments but never address the issue of this test why. LOCAL BOY on list

deepthroat on Fri, 08/19/2011 - 02:06
Title: Huh?


NewRo10804 on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 20:09

Dearest Rickyrat- First of all Ricky DiBuono IS NOT an informer to Bob Cox. If you had a brain in your monkey brain, you would know that Mr. Cox reports from public records, police blotters and investigations on his own dime and time. I find it hysterical that you question Mr. Cox on his relying on the words of others and not facts- When in reality that IS exactly what you have been doing in every SINGLE ONE of your ridiculous posts. For example; you insist on posting (more than once) about Ricky and George sleeping for 2 hours in their work van. UNFOUNDED- all lies!! Where is the video? And why would their boss watch this happen? Why weren't they fired on the spot? Why? Because it never happened. And the Dean at Isaac? Another so-called witness of yours? He allready said it didn't happen. He wants no part of the lies. All of this was allready posted in a prior post but you continue to repeat and rant about the same old lies. SO SHAME ON YOU- you rat/worm. Next, allready posted in a prior post - the accusations that Ricky DiBuono harrassed Anthony's wife- Never happened! He did not harrass her with threats of posting her husband was a wifebeater. If that is true, where is it on TOTS? There was one post from Deepthroat. But that's not me son- take it up with Deepthroat. I'll tell you one thing...Congratulations!!! Your fist post that didn't mention toilet paper!!! You're learning. You may be a slow learner, but learning nevertheless. Well rickyrat/worm - I'll let you go write on the walls some more. And one more thing, you are so into this vendetta against Ricky DiBuono that you are forgetting the skeletons in your own closett. Bob Cox know the obvious ones - they were posted before - but he doesn't know about the weekend overtime for the past 2 years. Talk about stealing time. Keep it up worm and friends.

Citizen Observer on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 15:21
Title: Corruption

The Animals are running the Zoo!
Procoppio must go. It is no news you have to kiss the ring of Dommenic Procoppio ( Or know someone who does) to get a job in New Rochelle.
I know for a fact the city employees read this blog on a daily basis. To them I say get your act together, There is a new sheriff in town his name is Bob Cox.. break the law and he will expose you!
Where is the Mayor, Council members, City manager,
And Commisoners, all running for the hills?
Lack of leadership thats whats occuring in New Rochelle.
Yesterday I obseved 3 Board of Ed employess, In front of the Echo Ave garage,Hooting and howling as a woman walked by them in a skirt.
Real respectable on the job work ethic new rochelle employees.
Real Professional!
Nice job New Rochelle

Fifth Ave Guy on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 15:31

You're right about Procoppio, but the only way he'll be removed is if St. Paul is elected Mayor.

Bramson doesn't have the balls or he would fired him when he got caught stealing STAR and military exemptions from the city a couple of years ago, but Bramson only gave him a slap on the back & asked him not to do it again. Just more corruption buried by city hall.

How anyone can support Bramson, the leader in all this, is beyond me. He's like the teflon don, nothing sticks to him.

Political Forechecker's picture
Political Forec... on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 19:51

Bramson is a partime Mayor when it comes to anything that requires someone be held accountable for Ethics and Integrity.
He is full time mayor when fashioning developer relationships like he did with his favorite developer Status for Lou Cappelli. Look what that did for his win and loss record.
He is also full time Mayor when it comes to sending Strome and Sussman down to off load IDA Pilot money to that same beaut of a developer.

Inman on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 20:18

What'ya want from a guy who's full-time job is a flak for Nita Lowey?

Fifth Ave Guy on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 20:57

I'm starting to like you Inman.

Give 'em hell!

Inman on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 23:29
Title: Easy

Easy to do with this crew.

Nita and Noam. Ah yes, harken back to those golden days last August, the ObamaCare debate, and the annual Congressional vacation, where gallant Team NitaNoam searched far and wide for a suitable venue for their "Town Hall" meet and greet (as they've done every single year since Lowey's been my representative in Washington D.C., since before the first Gulf War.)

But you know what? Of all the College gyms, High School auditoriums, Movie theaters, libraries, Community centers, elementary school halls, empty warehouses, or just plain old empty lots or a vacant football field in august, Team NitaNoam couldn't discover any place in all of Westchester County to hold a meeting about ObamaCare,the most important and costly legislation in this nation since Medicare in 1965.

They had the meeting over the telephone.

Raw courage.

strongsurvive on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 01:29

Hey Cox----I think that you have dilusions and you make up half if not more of what you write. Is there nothing in the City of New Rochelle that you agree with---I think not. Get a real job instead of constantly knocking people. One thing to disagree with something but to repeatedly knock people personally is utterly distasteful. Once again, get a real job.

John Imburgia on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 11:09

Please tell us what part of this story isn't true so we as readers can decide for ourselves whether Mr. Cox is credible. Do you have other information?

EyeOnNewRoc on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 02:34
Title: HA HA

Well we got another one another Noam lover another person who just loves things as the norm.
Well guess what strong boy or girl you have to grow up and smell the truth because this is what Mr.Cox puts out the truth and you and your buddies don't like it. The truth hurts and you don't like it well guess what more and more New Rochelle people are reading and watching this site everyday.
As far as Mr.Cox getting a job you have no idea what this man does.
What do you do strong boy or should i say Girl? You are a NOAM kiss A-- and want things to just remain the same. Sorry Big Boy or Girl your den party is over.
Speaking of jobs why don't you go voice on patch the Noam network and maybe just maybe they will give you a job like they did your buddies.

strongsurvive on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 03:26

Maybe you should go out and sharpen this bloggers pencil or empty his trash bin. Talk about kissing A--. But to answer your inane remarks-----man, retired,do not agree with everything the government of New Rochelle does but still no reason to attack people personally.

Fifth Ave Guy on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 21:14

How many $80,000/year painter-foremen jobs does the city have? Why not out source it all?

For that price, we could do a lot of things, how many of these positions exist? I guess this is the corruption part of the story. A man needs a job & the Democratic machine gets him one, a good one at that too. Simply amazing. Does he aslo get a take home vehicle? lol

And not for nothing, the paint jobs I've seen aren't all that great to justify the expense.

deepthroat on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 21:32

Look at the glazier position.Thats enough to make you throw up.

Fifth Ave Guy on Thu, 08/18/2011 - 19:08

What's a glazier make and what do they do? Why don't we outsource?

Mayor's been complaining about drafty windows lately.

think on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 01:20

Why is anyone surprised about civil service exam appointments and or jobs given to the local boy. People are allowed to take exam without the proper experience, not to long ago , Medina allowed many unqualified people to take a civil service exam, even the owner of Tiki bar made the list along with many others, Really he is a good guy but , zero experience! Supervisor positions have been filled with unqualified applicants where it clearly states years of supervisor work.Who is Medina watch dog , who can qualified people on a civil service list bitch too?

John Imburgia on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 11:07

Procopio his Medina's boss. He is appinted by the Mayor. Chuck Strome also watches over Medina in that he must approve all appointments. I am not too sure Medina has any qualifications for the job she has. She doesn't seem too bright--just very arrogant.

rickyrat on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 19:56
Title: What

Ricky and George were not doing what they were suppose to be doing that's why they were brought up with charges. They were sitting in the van sleeping for 2 hours and were witnessed by 2 BOE officials, one who is there immediate boss and the other who is a administative dean. The foreman test being posted has nothing to do with those two not doing there job and stealing company time... Boy Mr. Cox it looks like Mr.Dibuono drew a pretty picture of himself and handed it to you... You keep defending the offender.

EagleEye42 on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 15:05
Title: That's What

Stop slandering someone's name without any physical proof, was a video shown? Especially against someone that has put over 15 years of experience, who has never had a problem with anyone and has excellent references from the Schools that he has worked for. Why would 2 (BOE Officials) watch their employees sleep for 2 hours....(Taking up company time AS WELL).. As a Manager myself I would never tolerate anyone sleeping on the job, they would be reprimanded on the SPOT!! Where is the correct measures of Management.. You sir should feel ashamed for dragging someone's good name through the mud.

NewRo10804 on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 19:35

Thank you Eagle Eye and Bob Cox. I am so extremely tired of answering rickyrat's posts. He never has anything new to say- never answers posts that are addressd to him and just dances around the questions. He should re-read all the prior posts before continuing with his rants. Hopefully he will crawl back into the hole he came out of and never be heard from again!

rickyrat on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 21:28
Title: I

I have all the answers for your questions. Just ask them.... As for not having anything new to say, I think I said enough, if you want me to say more about Ricky I could go on for days... He's been no good ever since he came to the BOE 28 yrs ago...I know cause I worked along side him. Nobody is saying that Ricky is a bad worker cause he's not but that's not the problem here. You want me to go away so you can keep feeding all the people that read this blog bogus informAtion. That's not gonna happen, you want to come on this website and bash your fellow co-workers and make it look like everyone else is no good and everyone is picking on poor little Ricky when YOU are one of the guys that's been getting away with it for 28 years. So Ricky if you have any questions you'd like to ask me go ahead, let's let the public decide who's right and who's wrong since that's what you want to do...

NewRo10804 on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 23:14

I guess it was wishful thinking you would crawl back into your hole and stay there. First of all, I am not Ricky. I know Ricky and I am standing up for him and George who are being bullied and harrassed by their boss, Anthony Paganico. If you want the public to decide who's right and who's wrong in our posts to each other, they can searh " Ricky DiBuono" in the search box above and read to their hearts content. I am tired of responding to your moronic posts about "sandcastles", "reverse charges to anthony's wife", "CVS applications", "sleeping on the job" and the funniest one is " that Ricky is the worse offender in the BOE corruption". Done, done, done talking with you rickyrat- you are too ignorant for me.

rickyrat on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 01:02
Title: NrRes

No "friend" of Ricky's is goIng to sit at there computer on a Friday night till 1 am and defend him.... Your the one that needs to come out of the hole and be a man and stand up for what you say...And you did get caught stealing from the BOE it's a fact, you And you did call your supervisors wife and harass her, there's a police report filed another fact, your the guy who recently stole a chalkboard from grove ave, another fact on videotape...I can write a novel about your wrongdoings over the last 28 years I know you... Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes and take the punishment like a man....

NewRo10804 on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 02:55

I don't need to say s**t- Bob Cox will be coming out with what has to be said.
All the accusations you posted above were all answered in prior posts. You obviously don't know how to search and read. I am not repeating and wasting my time on you. Can't wait to read your novel- I can't wait to read who the supporting cast will be. Will you be in it?

Fifth Ave Guy on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 21:51
Title: Who's Ricky?

Who's Ricky?

rickyrat on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 22:02
Title: Ricky

NrRes aka Richard "Ricky"DiBuono AKa The big cheese

Robert Cox's picture
Robert Cox on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 21:48

I have written over 2,000 words on the corruption surrounding this painter exam, almost all of it having to do with the Civil Service Commissioner and the Board of Education. Nothing that any other employee has done makes the conduct of the BoE or the CSC legal. I am not "defending" anyone. There is a process for filing complaints and responding to them and that process will play out. I just find it more the a bit curious that the same week the exam notice is posted two of the four eligible employees are brought up on charges.

I have no trouble believing that any employees in the buildings and grounds department is, at some point during the week, not doing their job, taking an unauthorized break, leaving early or working on Jimmy Bonanno's house in Orange County. My only question would be why bring these 2 people up on charges just as the exam is announced.

But you have a good point, I am sure it is all just a big coincidence.

rickyrat on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 21:40
Title: Cox

Bob are you in love with Mr.Bonnano? You talk about having proof before reporting on a story??? You have this assumption of Jimmy having BOE workers on company time,working on his girlfriends house. OK that's fine.. Now you drive all the way up to Cornwall NY and yes you do find workers there( you even took pictures) but the only thing you forgot to say was that the people you took pictures of were not BOE workers they were private contractors and personal friends of Jimmy.. Why wasn't your story corrected... Or when you took a pic of a so called BOE vehicle in Larchmont when in fact it wasn't even the same color van that we have.. I have nothing against what you do but be fair to the people that your reporting about when you find out that something you wrote came out to be false..

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Robert Cox on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 15:30

When you write "you forgot to say was that the people you took pictures of were not BOE workers"

You mean this article:

"A review of Orange County records and a site visit to the property in Cornwall, NY on a recent Sunday indicates that work is going on at the location, that New Rochelle residents are working on the property and that there are no open building permits on file. The two men pictured below were working on a Sunday and neither works for the school district."

The article clearly states "neither works for the school district".

I know who they are and did not give their names precisely because the purpose in displaying the photos was to show that work was going on at that location which is consistent with the information I received. I also have the names of FOUR people from BoE who worked on that house but did not publish their names either. I have addressed this previously -- that the issue here is the behavior the supervisors and unless a worker is doing something wrong on their own I am going to err on leaving their names out of it and focusing on the supervisors who are giving the illegal orders.

In the case of the van (, the driver was wearing a shirt from the New Rochelle school district. The van was not marked as has been the case with a number of school district vehicles, something that has changed based on my previous reporting.

Warrior Princess on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 13:12

I have no personal knowledge of facts which would support or contradict the allegations made by Mr. Cox that are the underpinnings of this local drama. However, I cannot help but notice the coincidence of his reporting on these local issues with the problems that dominate the larger political landscape. Cox's complaints of cronyism and corruption in New Rochelle government mirror the well-documented disaster passing for both our State and Federal governments. Cronyism breeds corruption that wastes taxpayer dollars and it is the witches brew that has brought our country to the brink. I am inclined to believe Mr. Cox simply because the supporters of WVOX in this debate remind me of Mainstream Media's blind support of the Power Elite in DC and Albany. Whoever controls the purse strings, wins, regardless of the lack of merit of their position. Wasn't that the spark that started the American Revolution? Just asking.

deepthroat on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 15:01

Hey this female enough for you? You dont know how wrong you are when you claim there are no female voices on here!

Inman on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 20:26

.....and I'm puffin'.

Almost spooky though, how she popped out 30 seconds after I said, what I said, about the Defense League?

I guess if "she" says she's a she..well, that proves, uh,... right?

deepthroat on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 20:56
Title: Inman

Ever stop to think you may have been talkin' to a woman this whole time?
Doesnt matter anyway...I know who's on here and believe me, there are woman.
Just curious on why you find that it matters what the sex of the readers are anyway? You wouldnt want to venture into those waters,,,,would you?