Incompetence & Laziness Runs High In DPW...Stemming From City Hall

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Incompetence & Laziness Runs High In DPW...Stemming From City Hall

January 28, 2011 - 14:38

Incompetent DPW workers stem from one place, incompetent management. The other day, I witnesses with my own eyes and ears a DPW pick-up truck filled with four (4) men whose sole jobs were to go around and fill sand/salt barrels. The driver of the truck asked me where the barrel was. I pointed it out and said, “It was in front of that car.” Two other workers were ready, with shovels in hand, to fill the barrel. The driver, on the other hand, immediately said, “We’ll call it in and come back another time.” Laziness at its maximum capacity. New Rochelle needs to clean house, starting from the top to the bottom. Hard working tax payers are paying ridiculously high property and school taxes on incompetence. Businesses and residents are suffering during these tough economic times, while Bramson, Strome and the P.O.S. Councilpersons are being paid high salaries for “F”ing things up beyond repair. City Hall better wake up. Their lazy, do nothing actions are stemming down to workers. Their mentality is, “I don’t have to work for my salary and they can’t do anything about it.”


Bramsom, Strome, Jackass City Councilpersons, and every Department head better start cutting the fat, get rid of people who don’t want to work and replace them with competent, hard working people. There are many hard working people out of work right now. Time to tap into the competent employment pool and hire individual team players that know what to do, and how to do it when an obstacle is in the way. NO MORE FREE RIDES!!!

Get rid of lazy, no good employees like Donna Henry, a Bramson praised pedophile who electronically distributed naked pictures of a middle school student to her son & daughter-in-law in 2009. It is time for City Hall to get cleaned out. No more corrupt politicians. New Rochelle has been plagued with corrupt politicians, Department Heads and employees long enough.
2011, “Out with the Old, In with the New!!!”

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I have known many people throughout the years who worked for the city , some have retired and some still are working.
i cant say that i have had any conversations or have been witnnes in the past of them slacking off.

but i will say the newer ones that i have had dealings with ,I have noticed there hands out for just doing what they are allready getting paid for.

I have seen sevral men standing, while one or two work.( This i have seen alot)
I have noticed city workers who look like the walking dead .

But mostly in the large part we do have good one's.

Like any other employer the city has to weed out the bad and keep the good.
But it can get hard to do if you don't have the proper manegment.

Check out the NR City worker who was moved from the marina to the sanitation department where he only lasted a short while (weeks I'm told). This was supposedly from his inability to perform his job. He was then moved to a different dept. in the City Yard where supposedly he couldn't cut it there. He is now a custodian at the main library.

Yeah, but I bet you he lived in the city for four months before getting the job. That seems to be the city's main qualification for a position. Skills don't matter to people in City Hall.