Iona Rewrites School Record With 199 Student-Athletes On 2016-17 MAAC Academic Honor Roll

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Iona Rewrites School Record With 199 Student-Athletes On 2016-17 MAAC Academic Honor Roll

August 10, 2017 - 09:02

Iona Rewrites School Record With 199 Student-Athletes On 2016-17 MAAC Academic Honor Roll

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- With the announcement of the 2016-17 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Academic Honor Roll today by the conference office, Iona College increased its school record with 199 student-athletes on the list. It was the fourth highest among MAAC full-time and associate member schools. For the sixth straight year, first-year student-athletes completing two semesters at the institution were eligible for the list.

The 199 Maroon & Gold student-athletes honored represents nearly 65 percent of those eligible for the Honor Roll.

Five Iona student-athletes maintained a 4.00 grade point average including women's lacrosse junior Gabriella Di Domizio, senior Cassandra Gill of the women's cross country and track & field program, women's soccer junior Anna Higdon, men's swimming freshman Jakub Korek and Kalen Sullivan of the men's cross country and track & field program. 

Twenty additional Gaels boast a GPA of 3.90 or higher. They include Matt Anderson (men's swimming), Treloara Harrisson (women's soccer), Ryden Hines (men's basketball), Megan Hofer (women's water polo), Demetra Laurent (women's swimming), Madeleine Lessard (women's soccer), Maria Lopez (women's swimming), Julianna LoRusso (women's rowing), Daniele Martino (women's cross country and track & field), Samantha Mello (softball), Courtney Miller (softball), Libby Miller (women's lacrosse), Darby Nevins (women's water polo), Jessica Paolucci (volleyball), Christine Rebus (women's soccer), Jessica Schmidt (women's swimming), Elise Tarrant (women's rowing), Sydney Thompson (women's swimming), Regan Warmoth (women's water polo) and Megan Wood (women's soccer). 

A total of 2,273 student-athletes have been honored for academic achievements by being named to the 2016-17 MAAC Academic Honor Roll.

Iona surpassed its previous two record highs of 191 and 184 student-athlete representativs set in the last two years year. The Maroon & Gold had 171 during the 2011-12 academic year and 168 members on the MAAC Academic Honor Roll in 2013-14.

To be eligible for the MAAC Academic Honor Roll, an athlete must hold a grade point average of 3.20 or higher on a 4.0 scale. The Honor Roll is open to both full-time and associate members of the MAAC with athletes represented in all 25 sports that the conference sponsors.

Though not recognized on the MAAC Academic Honor Roll because the sport is not sponsored by the league, the men's rowing and men's water polo program had 12 and 11 student-athletes, respectively, achieve a GPA of 3.20 or higher.

Name                                      Sport
Amanda Agostino Women's Swimming
Christian Alberico Men's Cross Country / Track
Alex Aliapoulios Women's Swimming
Alex Anderson Golf
Matt Anderson Men's Swimming
Tori Anderson Women's Lacrosse
Spencer Anthony Men's Water Polo
Claire Archibald Volleyball
Alexandra Arluna Women's Rowing
Dion Austrie Baseball
Olivia Ayer Women's Rowing
Owen Badin Men's Swimming
Michael Banks Men's Water Polo
James Barnola Men's Swimming
Alexandria Bay Women's Swimming
Kaitlyn Becker Women's Lacrosse
Alex Beckett Baseball
Marisa Bentley Women's Soccer
Katie Beyer Women's Lacrosse
Courtney Blasko Softball
Abraham Bluestone     Men's Rowing
Matthew Bosse Men's Swimming
Sam Braziel Men's Swimming
Sean Breen Baseball
Taylor Brown Softball
Corinne Burns Women's Soccer
Matt Byrne Baseball
Joshua Calderon Men's Soccer
Neekoli Calderon Men's Soccer
Julia Campagna Women's Soccer
Shaina Campbell Volleyball
Alex Carter Men's Cross Country / Track
Ashley Cave Women's Swimming
Grace Celona Women's Lacrosse
Alyssa Chain Women's Swimming
Brendan Chan Men's Swimming
Alex Cheruk Men's Swimming
Kieran Clements Men's Cross Country / Track
Alyssa Connell Women's Lacrosse
Tess Connolly Volleyball
Brian Connors Men's Swimming
Stefan Cygan Golf
Tori Danner Softball
Alessandra Danyo Women's Rowing
Liam Dee Men's Cross Country / Track
Anna Desiderio Women's Swimming
Kyle Desrosiers Men's Swimming
Jose Diaz-Ramirez Men's Rowing
Maria DiBella Women's Swimming
Alexandra DiBiase Women's Swimming
Alaina DiDonato Women's Rowing
Ciarra DiGuilio Softball
Gabriella Di Domizio Women's Lacrosse
Patrick Drummond Men's Rowing
Marissa Dundas Women's Soccer
Karynda DuPree Women's Basketball
Mariah Elsenheimer Women's Soccer
Danielle Emma Women's Rowing
Delia Fernandez Women's Rowing
Mario Ferraioli Baseball
Humbert Ferrer Men's Soccer
Kait Ferretti Volleyball
Matt Flannery Baseball
Kathryn Flannigan Women's Lacrosse
Daniel Fleck Men's Water Polo
Julia Flower Women's Cross Country / Track
Shea Foley Women's Cross Country / Track
Christian Foti Men's Swimming
Rebecca Gabert Softball
Catherine Gallery Women's Lacrosse
Daniel Galvin Men's Cross Country / Track
Amanda Gannon Volleyball
Hallie Garfield Women's Water Polo
Rachel Garn Women's Cross Country / Track
Alyssa Gayapa Women's Water Polo
Samson George Men's Basketball
Marisa Gergel Softball
Cassandra Gill Women's Cross Country / Track
Pamela Giordano Women's Lacrosse
Edward Gonzalez Men's Rowing
Hudson Grieve Men's Water Polo
Alexandra Guerra Women's Water Polo
Andrea Guerra Women's Water Polo
Caleigh Gunn Women's Lacrosse
Stephen Hansen Baseball
Emily Hansen Women's Soccer
Jessica Harkness Softball
Treloara Harrisson Women's Soccer
Edward Hayfron Men's Cross Country / Track
Willow Held-Pistone Women's Rowing
Teghan Henderson Women's Cross Country / Track
John Hidalgo             Men's Rowing
Anna Higdon Women's Soccer
Jason Hill Men's Water Polo
Ryden Hines Men's Basketball
Seth Hoagland Baseball
Megan Hofer Women's Water Polo
Natalie Holder Women's Cross Country / Track
Jac Hopkins Men's Cross Country / Track
Barry James Men's Rowing
Tomas Jamett Men's Soccer
Danika Jensen Women's Cross Country / Track
Natalie Jimenez Women's Rowing
Karla Johnson Volleyball
Devika Joshi Women's Water Polo
Elizabeth Kaczmarek Women's Swimming
Killian Kane Men's Rowing
Allison Kaufman Women's Rowing
Julia Kearley Women's Cross Country / Track
Helena Keenan Women's Cross Country / Track
Leah Kelly Women's Lacrosse
Madison Kirch Women's Rowing
Robert Kirsty Men's Cross Country / Track
Jakub Korek Men's Swimming
Rebecca Koshy Women's Water Polo
Bailey Kross Women's Rowing
Jake Kurz Baseball
Christina Lamiroult Women's Rowing
Demetra Laurent Women's Swimming
Lindsay Lee Women's Rowing
Tori Lesko Women's Basketball
Jay Lessard Men's Swimming
Madeleine Lessard Women's Soccer
Alexis Lewis Women's Basketball
Quinn Lloyd Men's Water Polo
Kelsey Long Softball
Maria Lopez Women's Swimming
Julianna LoRusso Women's Rowing
Bailey Lyons Men's Water Polo
Kendall Magill Women's Swimming
Kaitlyn Mahon Women's Swimming
Kristin Mahoney Women's Basketball
Sara Mangialardi Women's Soccer
Vinny Martin Baseball
Ashley Martin Women's Basketball
Tiffany Martinez Women's Soccer
Daniele Martino Women's Cross Country / Track
Madison Mayle Softball
Zoe Mazzulli Women's Lacrosse
Dan McBryan Baseball
Shannon McCaffrey Women's Lacrosse
Thomas McClellan Men's Cross Country / Track
Kara McKenna Women's Cross Country / Track
Samantha Mello Softball
Luis Mendoza Men's Soccer
Kevin Menna Men's Rowing
Mariah Metcalf Women's Lacrosse
Chartt Miller Men's Cross Country / Track
Courtney Miller Softball
Libby Miller Women's Lacrosse
Luka Milosavljevic Men's Basketball
Matt Mirocco Golf
Malcolm Moreno Men's Soccer
Gilda Moreta Women's Rowing
Ashlyn Morris Softball
Johannes Motschmann Men's Cross Country / Track
Amelia Motz Women's Basketball
Orlaith Moynihan Women's Cross Country / Track
Chris Nash Men's Soccer
Alexandra Naughton Women's Cross Country / Track
Nicholas Negron Men's Rowing
Kathryn Nevin Women's Swimming
Darby Nevins Women's Water Polo
Katie Newton Softball
Karli Normand Women's Water Polo
Katelyn Noschese Women's Lacrosse
Niamh O'Connor Women's Cross Country / Track
Shannon O'Hehir Women's Cross Country / Track
Jessica Paolucci Volleyball
Carley Pellechia Women's Lacrosse
Julia Peschetti Women's Soccer
Julian Petrello Men's Soccer
Brian Picone Baseball
Logan Pietroforte Men's Rowing
Roche Pretorius Men's Water Polo
Ryan Preusse Baseball
Erin Pugh Women's Lacrosse
Brittany Quirino Women's Rowing
Christine Rebus Women's Soccer
Vito Roca Men's Rowing
Abigail Roper Women's Soccer
Zach Roper Men's Water Polo
Alexandra Russo Volleyball
Luca Sanna Men's Soccer
Jessica Scheriff Women's Cross Country / Track
Jessica Schmidt Women's Swimming
Hannah Schultz Women's Water Polo
Kerri Sexton Women's Cross Country / Track
Kellar Sirstins Men's Soccer
Marnie Skinner Softball
Ryan Sleiman Men's Cross Country / Track
Adrianna Solhjoo Women's Rowing
Gerom Solis Men's Cross Country / Track
Emily Solomos Women's Rowing
Marc Stauble Men's Water Polo
Tim Strowbridge Men's Rowing
Simone Sturrup Women's Swimming
Kalen Sullivan Men's Cross Country / Track
Luka Summers Women's Rowing
Jan Svandrlik Men's Basketball
Jamie Swenton Women's Swimming
Kate Tagliareni Women's Rowing
Andrew Tario Men's Cross Country / Track
Elise Tarrant Women's Rowing
Scott Tell Men's Cross Country / Track
Hailey Thompson Softball
Sydney Thompson Women's Swimming
Jenna Tolzmann Women's Lacrosse
Brianne Towey Women's Lacrosse
George Tsevdos Men's Soccer
Kristen Turner Softball
Samantha Tyo Women's Lacrosse
Christopher Vadala Men's Swimming
Britten Vilander Women's Water Polo
Philip Wachowski Men's Water Polo
Regan Warmoth Women's Water Polo
Brian Warsh Men's Cross Country / Track
Kristian Wasdick Women's Lacrosse
James Whaley Men's Swimming
Karly White Volleyball
Megan Wood Women's Soccer
Jude Zamora Men's Swimming